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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Deliverator used to have another job description. What was it?
(a) The Deliverator used to sell used cars.
(b) The Deliverator used to write software.
(c) The Deliverator ran a bicycle messenger service.
(d) The Deliverator drove a semi tanker.

2. Who's body does Squeaky show to Hiro?
(a) An enforcer
(b) Lagos
(c) Sushi K
(d) Raven

3. What does Juanita want Hiro to avoid?
(a) Da5id
(b) The big board
(c) Snow Crash
(d) L. Bob Rife

4. Who theorized that the Tower of Babel actually occurred?
(a) The Librarian
(b) A philosopher
(c) Lagos
(d) Einstein

5. Who does Y.T. find herself working for for the first time?
(a) Fedland
(b) The Mafia
(c) The Government
(d) The Enforcers

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of motorcycle did Hiro want?

2. What is the drug of choice in the Sacrifice Zone?

3. What limits an avatar's appearance?

4. What does Squeaky reveal about Raven?

5. From where do Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns hail?

Short Essay Questions

1. There are two new additions in Hiro's office within the Metaverse. What are they and what are their functions?

2. What is the Sacrifice Zone?

3. What is the link between the virus, the drug and L. Bob Rife?

4. In Chapter 33, we learn more about Enki and his history. What is notable to Hiro?

5. Why is the Deliverator so disturbed by the idea that the pizza he delivers might be late?

6. According the the Librarian in Chapter 30, what are some links between the Cult of Asherah and the Bible?

7. What are Metacops?

8. What does Chapter 37 reveal about the US Government?

9. What is atypical of what appears to be a typical drug deal?

10. What is revealed in Y.T.'s relationship to her mom?

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