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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nam-Shub?
(a) Street slang for a shrug native to the area
(b) A black cube
(c) The name of the antidote
(d) Single syllables linked to form words

2. What feature does Y.T. activate on her new plank that enables her escape?
(a) The Narrow Cone Tuned Shock Wave Projector
(b) Hovering
(c) The Narrow Cone Tuned Wormhole Projector
(d) The Ultrasonic Shield

3. Where did the armless avatar go?
(a) To a Lakers game
(b) Express port 248
(c) To the zoo
(d) Express port 127

4. When she arrives, where does she deliver the briefcase?
(a) The main office
(b) The graveyard
(c) The common area
(d) The chapel

5. For whom does Y.T.'s mother work?
(a) Uncle Enzo
(b) The Enforcers
(c) The Crips
(d) The Feds

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the drug of choice in the Sacrifice Zone?

2. What is Hiro offered before going into the Black Sun?

3. What does Raven throw at Hiro?

4. Who is Fido really?

5. What was in the airstream that appeared over the town square?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is a Nam-Shub?

2. What is atypical of what appears to be a typical drug deal?

3. In Chapter 39, what do we learn about Raven and the Orthos?

4. A foreboding character is introduced in Chapter 15. Who is he and what is foreshadowed in this chapter?

5. There are two new additions in Hiro's office within the Metaverse. What are they and what are their functions?

6. What does Chapter 37 reveal about the US Government?

7. For the first time in this book, the effects of the drug Snow Crash are revealed to Hiro. What are they?

8. What things are revealed in Chapter 20 to make Raven a more formidable adversary than previously realized?

9. What is the Sacrifice Zone?

10. In Chapter 38 we see what we would consider violations to our right to privacy. What does Y.T.'s mother put up with working for the Feds?

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