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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Y.T. agree to split the proceeds of the intel she provides?
(a) 55/45
(b) 50/50
(c) 60/40
(d) 70/30

2. What happens after Y.T. picks up the briefcase?
(a) It blows up.
(b) Jason gets her to latch on, and takes her to a place where the case is scanned.
(c) She loses it.
(d) She steals it and runs.

3. How does the Raft navigate?
(a) It uses a sail and a pole boy.
(b) It uses sophisticated engines.
(c) It doesn't; it's anchored in one place.
(d) It doesn't; it floats around using ocean currents.

4. What is Nam-Shub?
(a) The name of the antidote
(b) Street slang for a shrug native to the area
(c) A black cube
(d) Single syllables linked to form words

5. What did the woman with the shaved head do on the raft?
(a) Attempted to discover the antidote
(b) Gave blood till her veins didn't work
(c) Tried to warn the president his life was in danger
(d) Administered care to others there

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Squeaky reveal about Raven?

2. Where do Hiro Protagonist and Vitaly Chernobyl live?

3. To what does Y.T. compare the Snow Crash?

4. Who is Uncle Enzo waiting to meet?

5. What important job does Y.T. accomplish in time for the Mafia?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Black Sun?

2. When Y.T. enters Fedland, what else can we note about the present government?

3. There are two new additions in Hiro's office within the Metaverse. What are they and what are their functions?

4. How does the Raft navigate?

5. More ethnic stereotyping is revealed in Chapter 40. How do people from the New South Africa franchise treat Hiro?

6. In Chapter 10, there is an underlying theme that goes to extremes. What is this theme and what are some examples so far in the book?

7. For the first time in this book, the effects of the drug Snow Crash are revealed to Hiro. What are they?

8. What are Avatars?

9. What things are revealed in Chapter 20 to make Raven a more formidable adversary than previously realized?

10. What are some possible reasons that Y.T. might feel uncomfortable around the people of Griffith Park and the Falabalas?

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