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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who picks Y.T. up from the airport?
(a) Raven
(b) Hiro
(c) Y.T.'s Mom
(d) Da5id

2. What is Hiro's plan?
(a) To intercept L. Bob Rife.
(b) To help all the refugees escape.
(c) To rescue Y.T. from Raven.
(d) He doesn't have one.

3. What was Raven's long term plan?
(a) To travel
(b) To marry Y.T.
(c) To go to university
(d) To nuke the US

4. What disturbs Hiro's connection to the Metaverse?
(a) A French diplomat asking him to borrow his connection
(b) The thought of Y.T. and Raven together
(c) Gunfire and Wireheads communicating his position
(d) A power surge

5. How does Hiro get his hands on the tablet?
(a) Y.T. pushes it out of the helicopter.
(b) He finds it attached to a chain under the Raft.
(c) He finds it in L. Bob Rife's personal quarters.
(d) He finds it hidden in a filing cabinet.

6. Who do Hiro and Y.T. represent?
(a) The two people sent to rescue Innana
(b) Two people against L. Bob Rife
(c) Friends forever even in the face of adversity
(d) True love idealized

7. Who now is Hiro's only companion?
(a) Y.T.
(b) Eliot
(c) Fisheye
(d) Tranny, the Fillipino boy

8. Why is Juanita bleeding?
(a) She slipped and fell.
(b) She cut the wire going into her head.
(c) One of the other wireheads hit her.
(d) Hiro hit her.

9. What does Y.T. ask the clerk at the hotel?
(a) If he could take care of the unconscious man in her room
(b) If she could use a Metaverse terminal and charge it to her room
(c) If she can leave
(d) If he has any antidote to the narcotic she accidentally administered to Raven

10. What does Hiro believe is more efficient to negotiate the boarding of the Raft?
(a) Reason
(b) The pirate boats dinghy
(c) Judgement
(d) His bike

11. What is Phase Five?
(a) A big lunch
(b) A big breakfast
(c) The capture of Hiro
(d) The elimination of the Raft

12. How does Hiro get through the daemons?
(a) He uses the invisible avatar he created.
(b) He uses reason.
(c) He hits them with Snow Scan.
(d) He slashes at them with his Katana.

13. What remained dormant inside of humans?
(a) The Avian flu
(b) The Metavirus
(c) Herpes Simplex

14. How many nude women hold scrolls when the bomb is deployed?
(a) Six
(b) Four
(c) Three
(d) Two

15. What does Hiro think that Reason needs to be operational again?
(a) A software update
(b) More uranium
(c) An oiling
(d) Some care and cleaning

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Uncle Enzo take a straight razor to his pant legs?

2. Who or what discovers Y.T.?

3. Who is on the Raft with Hiro?

4. Who approaches the life raft?

5. Who comes to Y.T.'s immediate rescue?

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