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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Lagos approach with information?
(a) Hiro
(b) L. Bob Rife
(c) Fisheye
(d) Juanita

2. What is one of the most important skills of a Kourier?
(a) How to go places without gaining attention
(b) How to read people
(c) How to make deliveries fast
(d) How to avoid obstacles

3. Why don't the other hackers help Hiro?
(a) They don't care.
(b) They are all looking at the nude women.
(c) They are too busy with the benefit for Da5id.
(d) They believe the duel between Hiro and Raven is a part of the show.

4. How does Y.T. break her fall from the helicopter?
(a) She convinces the pilot to land.
(b) She lands feet-first in a sand truck.
(c) She gently slides down the wire.
(d) She deploys her coveralls' airbags.

5. Who rescues Hiro from the wireheads?
(a) Da5id
(b) Y.T.
(c) Juanita
(d) Enki

6. Who ends up sacrificing themselves for Y.T.?
(a) Da5id
(b) Fido
(c) Raven
(d) Hiro

7. How does Fisheye get the Pirates to listen to him?
(a) He is polite and friendly.
(b) He calmly asks their permission to commandeer their boat.
(c) He uses "reason."
(d) He threatens their genitals.

8. What disturbs Hiro's connection to the Metaverse?
(a) A power surge
(b) The thought of Y.T. and Raven together
(c) A French diplomat asking him to borrow his connection
(d) Gunfire and Wireheads communicating his position

9. How does Y.T. feel about Raven?
(a) She still has feelings for him, despite their situation.
(b) She feels betrayed by the fact that he is an agent of the enemy.
(c) She is hurt by the fact that he tried to kill Hiro.
(d) She doesn't want anything to do with him.

10. What is Hiro's plan?
(a) He doesn't have one.
(b) To rescue Y.T. from Raven.
(c) To help all the refugees escape.
(d) To intercept L. Bob Rife.

11. How does Hiro get through the daemons?
(a) He hits them with Snow Scan.
(b) He uses reason.
(c) He uses the invisible avatar he created.
(d) He slashes at them with his Katana.

12. What leads to Uncle Enzo's victory over Raven?
(a) His diplomacy
(b) His sharp wit
(c) His caustic tongue
(d) His activation of the Narrow Cone Tuned Shock Wave Projector

13. What happens to Rife?
(a) He is apprehended and in Uncle Enzo's custody.
(b) He turns himself in.
(c) He escapes.
(d) He gets blown up when Fido jumps into the plane's jet engines.

14. Why does Uncle Enzo take a straight razor to his pant legs?
(a) To stop them from getting wet.
(b) So they don't make noise against his leg hair.
(c) So he is in fashion.
(d) So he can impress the ladies.

15. About what does Hiro choose to talk to Raven?
(a) His plan to stop L. Bob Rife
(b) Their fathers
(c) Where Y.T. is?
(d) His plan to take Raven out

Short Answer Questions

1. What really seems to disturb Hiro?

2. Who does Raven talk to in the middle of his battle?

3. Why does Raven help the Orthos?

4. What happens to Raven after he sleeps with Y.T?

5. How does Y.T. attempt to escape the helicopter?

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