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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Rife's pilots swear allegiance to Uncle Enzo?
(a) They were bribed with millions of dollars.
(b) They all witnessed any opposition come to violent ends.
(c) They wanted to avoid jail time.
(d) They wanted Uncle Enzo to like them.

2. How does Hiro disable the Snow Crash bomb?
(a) By defeating Raven before he can deploy it
(b) His avatar swallows it
(c) He destroys Ravens package
(d) By deploying his Snow Scan hack

3. What did Lagos find?
(a) Something that could control elite thinkers
(b) A translation for a long dead ancient language
(c) A key on the beach that led to a hidden passageway
(d) An outlet store in Port Sherman

4. To whom does Y.T. find herself attracted?
(a) L Bob Rife
(b) A nondescript Russian
(c) Dmitri Ravinoff, or Raven
(d) Hiro

5. What does Hiro do with Reason?
(a) Puts it back in its case
(b) Recharges it
(c) Throws it overboard
(d) Displaces it

6. What is considered high luxury for the Raft?
(a) A room with a view
(b) A whole shipping container
(c) Any food they could possibly desire
(d) Filet Mignon

7. Who does Raven talk to in the middle of his battle?
(a) Hiro
(b) L. Bob Rife
(c) Y.T.
(d) Y.T.'s Mom

8. What is L. Bob Rife's greatest opposition?
(a) Snow Scan
(b) Y.T.
(c) Computer Virus Scans
(d) Hackers

9. Who brewed a potion to kill the Nipponese officers?
(a) Hiro's father
(b) Raven's Mother
(c) Raven's father
(d) Hiro's mother

10. Who did Lagos approach with information?
(a) L. Bob Rife
(b) Hiro
(c) Juanita
(d) Fisheye

11. What happens to Raven after he sleeps with Y.T?
(a) He tells her he loves her.
(b) He thanks her and goes to sleep.
(c) He kisses her deeply.
(d) He passes out from her Dentata.

12. Where do Y.T. and Raven go?
(a) To a high class area of the Raft
(b) Back to the mainland
(c) To Las Vegas to get married
(d) Back to Port Sherman

13. What else besides an Antidote does Hiro create?
(a) An invisible avatar
(b) Tight friendships with the other passengers on the life raft
(c) The first chapter to his new novel
(d) A missile barrier

14. What does Hiro believe is more efficient to negotiate the boarding of the Raft?
(a) The pirate boats dinghy
(b) His bike
(c) Reason
(d) Judgement

15. Who would be waiting for anyone else who wanted to come in and finish the job that Raven started?
(a) Hiro and Y.T.
(b) Uncle Enzo and Mr. Lee
(c) Jaunita and Hiro
(d) Enki and Innana

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hiro discover about the Raft?

2. What is the last thing Raven does before he parts from Y.T.?

3. Who does Hiro find in the Metaverse?

4. Why don't the other hackers help Hiro?

5. What sinks the Kowloon?

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