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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the people with the antennae on the back of their heads do to prisoners?
(a) Torture them for information
(b) Befriend them and feed them chocolate
(c) Keep them under control
(d) Force them to square dance

2. Letters appear on the back of the Kowloons' crew. What do they say?
(a) CREW

3. What did Enki believe would help the human race become stronger?
(a) Pain
(b) Fires
(c) Diversity and the split of civilizations
(d) Deception

4. How does Y.T. know that Raven isn't mad at her?
(a) He mouths the words from the other helicopter.
(b) He looks at her and is smiling.
(c) He screams it to her.
(d) He slides down with her.

5. Why is Juanita bleeding?
(a) One of the other wireheads hit her.
(b) She slipped and fell.
(c) She cut the wire going into her head.
(d) Hiro hit her.

6. What does Hiro want of the librarian?
(a) A guide to creating weaponry from bits of garbage
(b) The ancient texts referring to the Nam-Shub of Enki
(c) Blueprints of the aircraft carrier
(d) A guide to assaulting a ship at sea

7. What is the antidote to the traditional virus?
(a) Snow Scan
(b) Isolation
(c) The lack of computers
(d) The Nam-Shub of Enki

8. Why does Raven help the Orthos?
(a) They promised to make him a very rich man.
(b) They promised to get back at those that had wronged him.
(c) They promised to give him whatever woman he wanted.
(d) They showed him what was killing him.

9. How does Hiro put back together all the pieces of the tablet?
(a) He works painstakingly like doing a puzzle.
(b) He creates a mold and then a plaster replica.
(c) He glues them together.
(d) He takes a photo and sends it to the Librarian.

10. Where does Hiro believe the priests are staying?
(a) Port Hardy
(b) Port Sherman
(c) Cape Canaveral
(d) Portland Oregon

11. What is Hiro's plan?
(a) To intercept L. Bob Rife.
(b) He doesn't have one.
(c) To rescue Y.T. from Raven.
(d) To help all the refugees escape.

12. To whom does Y.T. find herself attracted?
(a) L Bob Rife
(b) A nondescript Russian
(c) Dmitri Ravinoff, or Raven
(d) Hiro

13. What program does Hiro find particularity useful?
(a) The Reason program
(b) The Snow Crash
(c) The YOU ARE HERE program
(d) The HERE program

14. Who does Hiro find in the Metaverse?
(a) Y.T.
(b) Da5id
(c) Juanita
(d) Raven

15. Who kills Fisheye?
(a) Eliot
(b) Y.T.
(c) Hiro
(d) Raven

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hiro believe is more efficient to negotiate the boarding of the Raft?

2. Where does Rife take Y.T. where he figures he is safe from Uncle Enzo?

3. Why do Rife's pilots swear allegiance to Uncle Enzo?

4. Who is the nice girl that loves Fido?

5. How can Hiro get Raven out of the Metaverse?

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