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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did L. Bob Rife find the Nam-Shub of Enki?
(a) Iran
(b) Indonesia
(c) India
(d) Iraq

2. Who are the people ushered into Ng's office?
(a) Aunt Mabel and Suzie Cue
(b) Tranny and Y.T.
(c) Raven and Eliot
(d) Uncle Enzo and Mr. Lee

3. Who did Lagos approach with information?
(a) Fisheye
(b) Juanita
(c) L. Bob Rife
(d) Hiro

4. Pairs of Russians run past Hiro towards ______________________.
(a) The beach
(b) The Kodiak Queen
(c) The Raft
(d) The nearest liquor store

5. What did Enki believe would help the human race become stronger?
(a) Diversity and the split of civilizations
(b) Pain
(c) Fires
(d) Deception

6. What did Lagos find?
(a) A key on the beach that led to a hidden passageway
(b) A translation for a long dead ancient language
(c) An outlet store in Port Sherman
(d) Something that could control elite thinkers

7. What are the names of the two women that accompany Y.T.?
(a) Bonnie and Clarice
(b) Mary and Bernita
(c) Melissa and Beatrice
(d) Bonnie and Marla

8. Who brewed a potion to kill the Nipponese officers?
(a) Hiro's mother
(b) Raven's father
(c) Hiro's father
(d) Raven's Mother

9. Against whom is Uncle Enzo fighting?
(a) Raven
(b) Igor
(c) Yogi
(d) L. Bob Rife

10. What distracts Raven during the chase?
(a) Uncle Enzo
(b) L. Bob Rife
(c) A security daemon
(d) Y.T.'s scream

11. How does Y.T. break her fall from the helicopter?
(a) She deploys her coveralls' airbags.
(b) She convinces the pilot to land.
(c) She lands feet-first in a sand truck.
(d) She gently slides down the wire.

12. How many nude women hold scrolls when the bomb is deployed?
(a) Three
(b) Two
(c) Six
(d) Four

13. What is considered high luxury for the Raft?
(a) A whole shipping container
(b) Filet Mignon
(c) A room with a view
(d) Any food they could possibly desire

14. What do the people with the antennae on the back of their heads do to prisoners?
(a) Keep them under control
(b) Befriend them and feed them chocolate
(c) Torture them for information
(d) Force them to square dance

15. What does Hiro do with Reason?
(a) Displaces it
(b) Puts it back in its case
(c) Throws it overboard
(d) Recharges it

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the antidote to the traditional virus?

2. Who kills Fisheye?

3. What sinks the Kowloon?

4. How does Hiro disable the Snow Crash bomb?

5. What remained dormant inside of humans?

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