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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hiro do with Reason?
(a) Displaces it
(b) Recharges it
(c) Throws it overboard
(d) Puts it back in its case

2. Who kills Fisheye?
(a) Hiro
(b) Eliot
(c) Raven
(d) Y.T.

3. How does Juanita relate to Innana?
(a) Juanita is following Innana's path.
(b) Juanita is a long time friend of Innana.
(c) Juanita is Innana reincarnated.
(d) Juanita is Innana's granddaughter.

4. How does Y.T. feel about Raven?
(a) She doesn't want anything to do with him.
(b) She is hurt by the fact that he tried to kill Hiro.
(c) She still has feelings for him, despite their situation.
(d) She feels betrayed by the fact that he is an agent of the enemy.

5. Who ends up sacrificing themselves for Y.T.?
(a) Fido
(b) Raven
(c) Hiro
(d) Da5id

6. Pairs of Russians run past Hiro towards ______________________.
(a) The nearest liquor store
(b) The Kodiak Queen
(c) The Raft
(d) The beach

7. How does Hiro put back together all the pieces of the tablet?
(a) He creates a mold and then a plaster replica.
(b) He takes a photo and sends it to the Librarian.
(c) He glues them together.
(d) He works painstakingly like doing a puzzle.

8. About what does Hiro choose to talk to Raven?
(a) His plan to take Raven out
(b) Where Y.T. is?
(c) Their fathers
(d) His plan to stop L. Bob Rife

9. How many nude women hold scrolls when the bomb is deployed?
(a) Four
(b) Six
(c) Three
(d) Two

10. To whom does Y.T. find herself attracted?
(a) L Bob Rife
(b) Dmitri Ravinoff, or Raven
(c) A nondescript Russian
(d) Hiro

11. How were Raven and Hiro's fathers blinded?
(a) They were subjected to torture in which their eyes were removed.
(b) The Americans dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.
(c) They were both born that way.
(d) They ran into a tree in the dark and got their eyes punctured by low branches.

12. Who does Raven talk to in the middle of his battle?
(a) Y.T.
(b) L. Bob Rife
(c) Hiro
(d) Y.T.'s Mom

13. Where do Y.T. and Raven go?
(a) Back to Port Sherman
(b) To a high class area of the Raft
(c) Back to the mainland
(d) To Las Vegas to get married

14. What is Hiro's plan?
(a) He doesn't have one.
(b) To intercept L. Bob Rife.
(c) To help all the refugees escape.
(d) To rescue Y.T. from Raven.

15. Why does Uncle Enzo take a straight razor to his pant legs?
(a) To stop them from getting wet.
(b) So they don't make noise against his leg hair.
(c) So he is in fashion.
(d) So he can impress the ladies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the people with the antennae on the back of their heads do to prisoners?

2. How does Hiro get his hands on the tablet?

3. What does Hiro find out about the wireheads?

4. What does Hiro want of the librarian?

5. What does Hiro discover about the Raft?

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