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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How were Raven and Hiro's fathers blinded?
(a) The Americans dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.
(b) They ran into a tree in the dark and got their eyes punctured by low branches.
(c) They were subjected to torture in which their eyes were removed.
(d) They were both born that way.

2. What do the 'Raft Gargoyles' do?
(a) They dance.
(b) They communicate with each other and control the masses on the raft.
(c) They wander around aimlessly.
(d) They anticipate attacks.

3. What program does Hiro find particularity useful?
(a) The YOU ARE HERE program
(b) The Reason program
(c) The Snow Crash
(d) The HERE program

4. What remained dormant inside of humans?
(b) The Metavirus
(c) The Avian flu
(d) Herpes Simplex

5. What does Hiro discover about the Raft?
(a) That it is all controlled remotely.
(b) That it is absolutely massive.
(c) That it is made of floating ethnic neighborhoods.
(d) That it is ground zero for the Snow Crash.

6. What does Hiro believe is more efficient to negotiate the boarding of the Raft?
(a) Judgement
(b) Reason
(c) The pirate boats dinghy
(d) His bike

7. Who brewed a potion to kill the Nipponese officers?
(a) Hiro's mother
(b) Raven's Mother
(c) Hiro's father
(d) Raven's father

8. Who is the nice girl that loves Fido?
(a) Y.T.
(b) Juanita
(c) Innana
(d) Y.T.'s Mom

9. Who did Rife hire to help him create a Snow Crash Bomb?
(a) The Wireheads
(b) Juanita
(c) Raven
(d) The US government

10. What else besides an Antidote does Hiro create?
(a) A missile barrier
(b) The first chapter to his new novel
(c) An invisible avatar
(d) Tight friendships with the other passengers on the life raft

11. What sinks the Kowloon?
(a) Raven's nuke
(b) A well-placed spear in a weak spot in the hull
(c) The one-man kayak
(d) A shell from the submarine

12. Against whom is Uncle Enzo fighting?
(a) Igor
(b) Raven
(c) Yogi
(d) L. Bob Rife

13. Who or what discovers Y.T.?
(a) Medical Personnel
(b) Raven
(c) L. Bob Rife
(d) A wirehead

14. How does Hiro get through the daemons?
(a) He uses reason.
(b) He hits them with Snow Scan.
(c) He slashes at them with his Katana.
(d) He uses the invisible avatar he created.

15. Where does the daemon lead Hiro?
(a) To a desk where Ng sits
(b) Down a long hallway to a bathroom
(c) To a waiting room
(d) Back outside

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Y.T. find herself attracted?

2. Who were the two people who re-established the Cult of Asherah?

3. How does Y.T. know that Raven isn't mad at her?

4. Who is on the Raft with Hiro?

5. Why don't the other hackers help Hiro?

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