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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what animal did Asherah associate?
(a) Dogs
(b) Birds
(c) Cats
(d) Serpents

2. Around what does the questioning by the polygraph proctor center?
(a) Why the award was thrown at the screen
(b) Her recent usage of the elevator
(c) Y.T.
(d) The time it took her to read the memos

3. How does the Raft navigate?
(a) It doesn't; it floats around using ocean currents.
(b) It uses sophisticated engines.
(c) It doesn't; it's anchored in one place.
(d) It uses a sail and a pole boy.

4. The main question wanted from Y.T.'s mom is regarding _________________________________.
(a) What Y.T. told her mother about the virus
(b) Improper use of her time at her workstation
(c) Spyware and Virus removal
(d) International regulations

5. How does Y.T. escape the Fed guys?
(a) She runs away.
(b) She sprays them with bullets.
(c) She tells them a long and boring story.
(d) She issues a command to her uniform that shocks them via her wrist cuffs.

6. What does Squeaky reveal about Raven?
(a) That he is the new leader of the Crips
(b) That he is gay
(c) That he is T-Bone's brother
(d) That he is a Sovereign and a nuclear power

7. Who is Uncle Enzo waiting to meet?
(a) A blind date
(b) Y.T.
(c) A new guard
(d) Jason

8. Of what does the story of Enki remind Hiro?
(a) His responsibilities
(b) The way he feels about Da5id
(c) The story of Babel
(d) His date with Y.T.

9. What does Hiro do to the large white man?
(a) Bends down and ties the large man's shoelaces together
(b) Throws a lighter to him
(c) Slices off the man's head with his katana
(d) Invites him for coffee

10. What is Y.T.'s Mom's manager's name?
(a) Francis
(b) Marietta
(c) Suzannah
(d) Mildred

11. What does Y.T. fling at the computer screen?
(a) A picture of her father
(b) An award her mother had won
(c) An award that Y.T. had gotten as a kid
(d) A picture of her as a baby

12. What kind of motorcycle did Hiro want?
(a) A new Yamaha with Smartwheels
(b) A new Suzuki
(c) A street-racer bike
(d) A Harley Davidson

13. What is Y.T.'s destination?
(a) Reverend Wayne's Pearly Gates #1106
(b) Beverly Hills
(c) Hollywood California
(d) Los Angeles

14. Who or what comes to see that the job is accomplished on time?
(a) The Mafia copter
(b) The media van
(c) The timekeeper
(d) The competition

15. Who else is standing with Y.T.'s Mom's manager?
(a) The President
(b) Hiro
(c) The polygraph proctor
(d) The head of state

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Hiro Protagonist and Vitaly Chernobyl live?

2. What vehicle does Y.T. take?

3. Who does Jason think is interested in him?

4. What 'thing' has taken the taxi drivers?

5. For whom does Y.T. discover a new loyalty?

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