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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 68 | Chapter 69.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Y.T. sprays The Clinks manager with _____________________.
(a) Liquid Nitrogen
(b) Pepper Spray
(c) Bear Mace
(d) Liquid Knuckles

2. What has the Snow Crash done to Da5id?
(a) Intercepted an ambulance
(b) Smashed it to pieces
(c) Crashed his brain
(d) Restored complicated plans

3. What attaches itself to the Deliverator and ends up helping him?
(a) A new fence
(b) The Kourier Y.T. with an electromagnetic harpoon
(c) A GPS device
(d) A business card for a new job

4. How does Y.T. know that Raven isn't mad at her?
(a) He slides down with her.
(b) He mouths the words from the other helicopter.
(c) He looks at her and is smiling.
(d) He screams it to her.

5. Who did Lagos approach with information?
(a) Juanita
(b) Hiro
(c) L. Bob Rife
(d) Fisheye

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom does Y.T. work?

2. How can Hiro get Raven out of the Metaverse?

3. The Deliverator used to have another job description. What was it?

4. Where do Hiro Protagonist and Vitaly Chernobyl live?

5. How does Hiro get his hands on the tablet?

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