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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 58 | Chapter 59.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the people with the antennae on the back of their heads do to prisoners?
(a) Torture them for information
(b) Force them to square dance
(c) Keep them under control
(d) Befriend them and feed them chocolate

2. Y.T. sprays The Clinks manager with _____________________.
(a) Liquid Nitrogen
(b) Liquid Knuckles
(c) Bear Mace
(d) Pepper Spray

3. Where did L. Bob Rife start his career in sports, and what did he do afterward?
(a) L. Bob played football in L.A. and then retired to coaching.
(b) L. Bob started in Texas as a commentator and then worked with his uncle in the oil buesiness.
(c) L. Bob worked as a water boy and then joined the U.S. Navy.
(d) L. Bob coached in Sacramento and then turned golf pro.

4. What does Hiro find out about the wireheads?
(a) They are annoying.
(b) They still talk even though they are dead.
(c) They are ruthless and unforgiving.
(d) They can dream.

5. What did Lagos find?
(a) Something that could control elite thinkers
(b) A translation for a long dead ancient language
(c) An outlet store in Port Sherman
(d) A key on the beach that led to a hidden passageway

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is seated in the one-man kayak?

2. What has the Snow Crash done to Da5id?

3. Who does Y.T. need to meet?

4. What is one of the most important skills of a Kourier?

5. Where can the avatars not pass through each other?

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