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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 58 | Chapter 59.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Lagos view the Bible?
(a) As a benign virus
(b) As a great work of literary genius
(c) As a theological scam
(d) As a source of accurate data

2. What is Nam-Shub?
(a) The name of the antidote
(b) A black cube
(c) Single syllables linked to form words
(d) Street slang for a shrug native to the area

3. To whom does Y.T. deliver a package?
(a) The Crips
(b) The Enforcers
(c) Hiro
(d) Uncle Enzo

4. What is the Snow Crash?
(a) Distilled blood serum laced with cocaine
(b) Cocaine
(c) Distilled water from a fountain in Venezuela
(d) A computer virus

5. With whom is the person in the one-man kayak allied?
(a) The Mafia
(b) The Orthos
(c) L Bob Rife
(d) Inanna

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the large white man ask of Hiro?

2. Who is Uncle Enzo waiting to meet?

3. What are the names of the two women that accompany Y.T.?

4. Who or what comes to see that the job is accomplished on time?

5. What do the people with the antennae on the back of their heads do to prisoners?

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