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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 50 | Chapter 51.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is odd about Y.T.'s abduction?
(a) She was given a guest appearance on Oprah.
(b) She was showered with gems and jewels.
(c) She was allowed to go free.
(d) She wasn't given the Snow Crash virus.

2. What is the En?
(a) A letter that follows M
(b) The basis for the words of English
(c) A police patrolman who fines people for breaking pottery at the local flower shop
(d) A high priest that guards the me of the society written on clay tablets

3. What important job does Y.T. accomplish in time for the Mafia?
(a) Writes their autobiography
(b) Delivers the pizza
(c) Whacks the competition
(d) Files for insurance

4. What does Hiro note about Port Sherman?
(a) The population has boomed in the normally small town since the Raft appeared.
(b) That it is a tiny town situated on the California coastline with a small population.
(c) Port Sherman is situated at the base of a mountain, and that the weather is usually rainy.
(d) That it only has one supermarket, one diner and two clothes shops with a tackle store between them.

5. What does Fisheye want to do for Uncle Enzo?
(a) Bring him gold and silver
(b) Rescue Y.T.
(c) Find a new map
(d) Bring in ships

Short Answer Questions

1. Letters appear on the back of the Kowloons' crew. What do they say?

2. Who theorized that the Tower of Babel actually occurred?

3. Who is seated in the one-man kayak?

4. What does Hiro do to the large white man?

5. Who is Fido really?

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