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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 50 | Chapter 51.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For whom does Y.T.'s mother work?
(a) The Enforcers
(b) Uncle Enzo
(c) The Crips
(d) The Feds

2. Who is on the Raft with Hiro?
(a) Victoria, Elisa and Francis
(b) Marianne, Katerina, and Elizabeth
(c) Zak, Susan, and Sarah
(d) Vik, Eliot, and Fisheye

3. About what new gang does Y.T. hear?
(a) The Parkers
(b) The Falabalas
(c) The Doctors
(d) The Griffiths Park Boys

4. What are the names of the two women that accompany Y.T.?
(a) Bonnie and Clarice
(b) Melissa and Beatrice
(c) Mary and Bernita
(d) Bonnie and Marla

5. Who theorized that the Tower of Babel actually occurred?
(a) A philosopher
(b) The Librarian
(c) Lagos
(d) Einstein

Short Answer Questions

1. What else besides an Antidote does Hiro create?

2. What does Hiro do to the large white man?

3. What does Y.T. fling at the computer screen?

4. What does Ng tell Y.T. to do with the vial when she has it?

5. Who is the common recipient of all donations and founder of the Pearly Gates?

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