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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 50 | Chapter 51.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Lagos find?
(a) A key on the beach that led to a hidden passageway
(b) Something that could control elite thinkers
(c) A translation for a long dead ancient language
(d) An outlet store in Port Sherman

2. What is the En?
(a) The basis for the words of English
(b) A police patrolman who fines people for breaking pottery at the local flower shop
(c) A high priest that guards the me of the society written on clay tablets
(d) A letter that follows M

3. About what new gang does Y.T. hear?
(a) The Parkers
(b) The Doctors
(c) The Griffiths Park Boys
(d) The Falabalas

4. How do you kill an avatar in the Metaverse?
(a) You pour water on it.
(b) You cut off its head.
(c) You stab it in the heart.
(d) You insert a virus.

5. What kind of motorcycle did Hiro want?
(a) A new Suzuki
(b) A street-racer bike
(c) A new Yamaha with Smartwheels
(d) A Harley Davidson

Short Answer Questions

1. What 'thing' has taken the taxi drivers?

2. From where do Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns hail?

3. How does Hiro escape the Enforcers?

4. Who is the common recipient of all donations and founder of the Pearly Gates?

5. What sinks the Kowloon?

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