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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 31 | Chapter 32 | Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What important job does Y.T. accomplish in time for the Mafia?
(a) Delivers the pizza
(b) Files for insurance
(c) Writes their autobiography
(d) Whacks the competition

2. To whom does Y.T. deliver a package?
(a) Uncle Enzo
(b) Hiro
(c) The Crips
(d) The Enforcers

3. Who accepts Hiro's invitation to perform?
(a) The Crips
(b) Raven
(c) Sushi K
(d) Squeaky

4. What is the drug of choice in the Sacrifice Zone?
(a) Testosterone
(b) Heroine
(c) Cocaine
(d) Snow Crash

5. From whose point of view is this chapter narrated?
(a) A-276
(b) A-267
(c) A-672
(d) A-627

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Fido really?

2. Where do Hiro Protagonist and Vitaly Chernobyl live?

3. To what does Y.T. compare the Snow Crash?

4. What is Ng's specialty?

5. Who's body does Squeaky show to Hiro?

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