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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 60 | Chapter 61.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Y.T. fling at the computer screen?
(a) An award that Y.T. had gotten as a kid
(b) An award her mother had won
(c) A picture of her father
(d) A picture of her as a baby

2. How does Hiro get his hands on the tablet?
(a) He finds it attached to a chain under the Raft.
(b) He finds it hidden in a filing cabinet.
(c) Y.T. pushes it out of the helicopter.
(d) He finds it in L. Bob Rife's personal quarters.

3. Of what does the center of the Raft consist?
(a) Rife's aircraft carrier lashed to an oil tanker
(b) A control tower
(c) A bunch of logs and sticks lashed together with heavy duty rope
(d) A landing pad for helicopters

4. What feature does Y.T. activate on her new plank that enables her escape?
(a) Hovering
(b) The Ultrasonic Shield
(c) The Narrow Cone Tuned Shock Wave Projector
(d) The Narrow Cone Tuned Wormhole Projector

5. What does the large white man ask of Hiro?
(a) If Hiro can give him directions to Albuquerque
(b) If Hiro can get him a glass of water
(c) What his ethnic background is
(d) If he can get a light for his cigarette

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Juanita bleeding?

2. Who or what comes to see that the job is accomplished on time?

3. What is one of the most important skills of a Kourier?

4. What program does Hiro find particularity useful?

5. Why didn't Hiro get infected?

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