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The Metaverse

A three-dimensional virtual world developed by hackers and exploited by industry.


The name of the high class unit Hiro and his roommate Vitaly occupy in Inglewood, CA.


A slang term for a gated community.

Snow Crash

This is a computer virus which is represented by a bitmap, that when transmitted into the optic nerve of a hacker, will cause brain and computer interruption. It is also a drug.

Rat Things

These are cybernetic security systems that are part animal and part machine, developed by Ng Security Industries.

The Kowloon

This is a yacht docked in Port Sherman, Oregon, and owned by Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong.

The Raft

This is the floating home of L. Bob Rife and his followers.


This is the slang term for one of the remaining pockets of the United States government in southern California.

Alcan Highway

This is...

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