Snow Crash Character Descriptions

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Hiro Protagonist

The primary character in the story, this person is referred to as The Deliverator, and is also one of the early hackers in the Metaverse.

Uncle Enzo

This is the head of the Nova Sicilia organization, commonly known as The Mafia.

Y.T. - the Kourier

This skateboarding character has a job with RadiKS, and lives with a parent in a burbclave.

Da5id Meier

The founder of Black Sun Systems, a programming firm that helped to develop the Metaverse and was also the first acquaintance of any of the other characters to have viewed and fallen victim to the Snow Crash virus.

L. Bob Rife

This person is involved in cable television and fiber optics with a worldwide monopoly on information transfer and is the owner of the Raft.

Juanita Marquez

This character's past accomplishments include pioneering the art of facial expressions and avatar development...

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