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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of Yoko's features is Komako certain Shimamura likes?
(a) Her hair.
(b) Her figure.
(c) Her lips.
(d) Her eyes.

2. Who has Komako signed a contract with to serve as a geisha?
(a) An innkeeper.
(b) A candy shop owner.
(c) A loan-shark.
(d) A newspaper publisher.

3. What festival is held in the resort town in February?
(a) The new year festival.
(b) The snow festival.
(c) The bird chasing festival.
(d) The dragon dance festival.

4. What are Komako's feelings about visiting the cemetery?
(a) Komako is indifferent about going.
(b) Komako is relieved to finally go.
(c) Komako is agreeable to going.
(d) Komako is unwilling to go.

5. How does Komako practice music?
(a) By listening to recordings.
(b) With another geisha.
(c) With a tutor.
(d) From scores.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the mornings she is at Shimamura's, what does Komako sometimes do?

2. In Part One, what does Shimamura discover one morning when he awakes?

3. On their first full day together, what does Shimamura suggest Komako practice?

4. What does Komako say she will not do with Shimamura again?

5. Why does Komako say she has come to Shimamura's room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What warning does Shimamura's wife give him before his trip to the resort town?

2. How does Komako practice her samisen playing?

3. What do Shimamura and Komako do the night before he is to leave for Tokyo?

4. What occupation did Yoko once consider, and why did she give it up?

5. After delivering a note to Shimamura, what does Yoko ask of him concerning her travel plans?

6. Why does Shimamura make his third trip to the resort town?

7. What is the bird chasing festival?

8. What does Komako tell Shimamura of the geisha Kikuyu?

9. What does Shimamura find when he awakes at the beginning of this section of Part One?

10. Describe Komako's drunken arrival at Shimamura's room at three in the morning.

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