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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Komako told about Yukio at the train station?
(a) That Yukio is dying.
(b) That he is asking to see her.
(c) That he has recovered from his illness.
(d) That he is marrying Yoko.

2. What does Komoko say a woman on her own can always do?
(a) Find a roommate.
(b) Get married.
(c) Depend on her friends.
(d) Make a living for herself.

3. What sport does Komako say she enjoys?
(a) Skiing.
(b) Badminton.
(c) Croquet.
(d) Archery.

4. At night with Shimamura, who does Komako say spend all of their time at the cemetery?
(a) Yukio.
(b) Her mother.
(c) The music teacher.
(d) Yoko.

5. After working for a year, how much of her geisha-service contract does Komako say she has already paid off?
(a) Three-quarters of it.
(b) Half of it.
(c) All of it.
(d) None of it.

6. What festival is held in the resort town in February?
(a) The dragon dance festival.
(b) The snow festival.
(c) The bird chasing festival.
(d) The new year festival.

7. Where did the food come from that the innkeeper's wife is warming?
(a) The food was donated by a church.
(b) The food was brought to the inn from Komako's house.
(c) The food is leftover from a celebration.
(d) The food was prepared by geisha.

8. What does Komako say repeatedly when she and Shimamura return to his room after their night out?
(a) That she doesn't want Shimamura to go back to Tokyo.
(b) That she loves Shimamura.
(c) That she is going home
(d) That she doesn't feel well.

9. What kind of grass used to thatch roofs does Shimamura see some women carrying?
(a) Kiseki grass.
(b) Silver grass.
(c) Kaya grass.
(d) Midori grass.

10. How many times has Komako visited Yukio's grave?
(a) Only once.
(b) Never.
(c) Twelve times.
(d) Three or four times.

11. What does Komako say she will not do with Shimamura again?
(a) Bathe with him.
(b) See him off at the train station.
(c) Sleep with him.
(d) Talk to him about personal matters.

12. Who is on the train with Shimamura when he leaves to go back to Tokyo at the end of Part One?
(a) An elderly woman carrying parcels of food.
(b) A middle-aged man and a young woman.
(c) A young man in a western-style suit.
(d) A mother and her children.

13. Who is Kikuyu?
(a) A geisha who has left town.
(b) Komako's sister.
(c) Shimamura's wife.
(d) The music teacher.

14. What is the purpose of the town's February festival?
(a) To ward off evil.
(b) To bless local wildlife.
(c) To usher in spring.
(d) To welcome the new year.

15. Who has Komako signed a contract with to serve as a geisha?
(a) A candy shop owner.
(b) An innkeeper.
(c) A loan-shark.
(d) A newspaper publisher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Komako call home to have delivered?

2. What does Komako say of her work ethic to Shimamura?

3. On the mornings she is at Shimamura's, what does Komako sometimes do?

4. Who saw Komako off when she left for geisha training?

5. What reason does Komako have for saying she hates people from Tokyo?

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