Snow Country Fun Activities

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Japanese Dance

Have students research a traditional Japanese dance and learn the steps.


Have students write a haiku on the subject of a) loneliness and/or isolation or b) snow.

Song Lyrics

The Bird Chasing Festival is a festival to usher in the spring. Have students write a song (or simply lyrics) that reflects the spirit of this festival.

Kimono Design

Have students research the kimono. Using their knowledge of kimonos, have students create a piece of art with a kimono as its focus. This can include drawings or paintings, making a kimono from fabric, paper folding, etc.

Tanabata Play

Divide students into small groups. Have students research the Tanabata legend and put on a play based on the legend.


Have students research the art of origami. Then, create a piece of origami which represents a significant object/theme of the novel.

Geisha Make-Up

Have students...

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