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Part One, Pages 1 - 28

• Shimamura rides in a train, heading for a resort town in the snow country of Japan to visit a geisha named Komako.

• Shimamura notices a woman nursing her ailing male companion on the train. He assumes they are married.
• Shimamura recalls his first meeting with Komako - she had served him on a night when no geisha were available.

• Shimamura wanted a friendly relationship with Komako - he asks her to pick a geisha for him.

• Shimamura is interested in Western dancing.

Part One, Pages 28 - 38

• Shimamura turns away a young geisha - he has no attraction to her and says his treatment of the girl was not very nice.

• Shimamura tells Komako that he let himself believe all geisha were like her.

• Komako comes to Shimamura's room, very drunk.
• Komako and Shimamura sleep together.

• Komako believes that Shimamura has no respect for her...

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