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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the precious thing Link finds in his pocket while trapped in the car?

2. What does Link think will be a sort of peace for him when he is trapped in the car?

3. How many lions inhabit Kruger Park?

4. How does Link categorize the art in Roderick Hodge's apartment?

5. What causes Link's primary discomfort in the car in Kruger park?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do Conrad and Evan Pentelow take Link after his ordeal in the car and why?

2. How does Haagner try to comply with Evan Pentelow's demands and what does Link think of the situation?

3. What is the night like when Link returns to the rondavel after talking to Charlie and what does he think about?

4. What is the first objective observation Link makes when he finds himself trapped in the car?

5. How does Link take stock of the two attempts on his life since he arrived in South Africa?

6. What does Nerissa leave to Charlie in her will and how does Charlie react to this?

7. As Danilo is calculating how much the gold mine makes for the van Huren's, what does Quentin van Huren remind him about?

8. What does Conrad reveal about Evan Pentelow's involvement in finding Link?

9. Why does Roderick Hodge try to bounce Melanie back into seduction mode after her political spiel and what do Melanie's instincts tell her to do?

10. Describe the light packs the party uses to go into the mine.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does life imitate art when Link is trapped in the car? What physical aspects of his predicament does Link learn are very different from the film? What things did the filmmakers get right, according to link's observations?

Essay Topic 2

What is Link's relationship with his wife, Charlie, like? What event served as a turning point to strengthen their relationship? How does it strengthen their relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Why do Roderick Hodge and Katya set Link up? How do they do it? Why would they betray his trust like this? How does Roderick Hodge try to make amends? What does Link think of him?

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