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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of car does Haagner drive in the bush?

2. What does Danilo stand to inherit in Nerissa's will?

3. The music Roderick Hodge plays when Link arrives is less _____ than the music in London.

4. Who does Link feel sorry for in light of Danilo's guilt?

5. What is the place called where the miners take the reef from?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Nerissa leave to Charlie in her will and how does Charlie react to this?

2. Why does Roderick Hodge try to bounce Melanie back into seduction mode after her political spiel and what do Melanie's instincts tell her to do?

3. What is the first objective observation Link makes when he finds himself trapped in the car?

4. What happens when Conrad and Evan Pentelow are loading up the station wagon for Kruger Park and how does Link help?

5. What does Link think about hunger as he sits in the car starving to death?

6. How does Conrad free Link from the handcuffs?

7. What does Conrad reveal about Evan Pentelow's involvement in finding Link?

8. What does Link think about the vultures around the car he is pretending to be trapped in and how does Danilo react to them?

9. What does Link say to Roderick Hodge about his brush with death in the gold mine and how does he respond?

10. How does Link take stock of the two attempts on his life since he arrived in South Africa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the conflict between Link and Evan Pentelow. What is their history together? What incident caused the rift in their relationship? How does their relationship evolve in shooting the scene in Man in Car? How is this reflective of Link's character?

Essay Topic 2

Compare Link's onscreen hero status with his heroism in saving Katya. How does he become the larger-than-life man off screen that he is onscreen? What does he have to do to save her life? What does Conrad say about what he does to save her life? How does this define him as a hero?

Essay Topic 3

What does Charlie see as the difference between the public and the private Links? How does she feel about the public man? How does Link make a joke about the "private Link"? How does this shed insight on their relationship?

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