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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Katya wearing when she arrives at Roderick Hodge's apartment?
(a) A yellow catsuit.
(b) A green ball gown.
(c) A striped art deco dress.
(d) A pink maid's uniform.

2. How far are the miners able to progress per shift?
(a) Eight feet.
(b) Twenty yards.
(c) Two miles.
(d) Six inches.

3. What hotel is supposed to host the reception for Rocks?
(a) Rottendan Suites.
(b) Iguana Rock.
(c) The Klipspringer Heights.
(d) Vaal Majestic.

4. How does Link describe his character's weeping in Man in Car?
(a) Futile.
(b) Faux.
(c) In extremis.
(d) Plastic.

5. What sort of shoes is Melanie wearing?
(a) Silver stilletos.
(b) Black flats.
(c) Pink mules.
(d) Golden slippers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gate at Kruger Park is it possible to talk one's way out of without papers?

2. What does Link want of Conrad's to trap Danilo?

3. What kind of car does Haagner drive in the bush?

4. What gold field is Rojedda Reef in?

5. How does Sally act around Danilo?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Link's fear manifest when he is hit over the head in the gold mine?

2. What does Haagner say to warn the group about lions?

3. What does Link think about the vultures around the car he is pretending to be trapped in and how does Danilo react to them?

4. How does Haagner try to comply with Evan Pentelow's demands and what does Link think of the situation?

5. What does Nerissa leave to Charlie in her will and how does Charlie react to this?

6. How does Link take stock of the two attempts on his life since he arrived in South Africa?

7. What does Link say to Roderick Hodge about his brush with death in the gold mine and how does he respond?

8. Where do Conrad and Evan Pentelow take Link after his ordeal in the car and why?

9. What does Link see in the rear view mirror when he is trapped in the car and what does this mean?

10. How has Nerissa's good will actually caused Danilo to try to murder Link?

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