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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What intriguing feature does Danilo tell Link that Lake Wemmer Pan has?
(a) A water canon.
(b) A water luge.
(c) A water organ.
(d) A waterfall.

2. What is the name of the South African monetary unit that Danilo uses to bet on the race?
(a) Rand.
(b) Mark.
(c) Shilling.
(d) Sterling.

3. What is the name of the van Hurens' son?
(a) Jonathan.
(b) Jerrold.
(c) Job.
(d) Jackson.

4. Who is also in Johannesburg with Conrad?
(a) Charlie.
(b) Nerissa.
(c) Evan Pentelow.
(d) Stephen Childs.

5. What does Evan Pentelow call his latest film?
(a) A thriller.
(b) An allegory.
(c) A social masterpiece.
(d) An epic.

6. When Link returns to England after his film shoot, where does he pick up is car?
(a) Heathrow.
(b) Avis Rentals.
(c) Buckinham Palace.
(d) His sister's house.

7. When he was twenty-two, what did Link live on as he was taking acting classes?
(a) Back bacon.
(b) Government cheese.
(c) Soup kitchen fare.
(d) Baked beans.

8. What is the name of the hotel where Link is staying in South Africa?
(a) Iguana Rock.
(b) Summer Breeze.
(c) Coventry Gardens.
(d) Lion's Gate.

9. Link lives in a village near _____.
(a) Normandy.
(b) Scotland.
(c) The Coast.
(d) The Thames.

10. What does the press think Link is missing out on by living in England?
(a) Warm weather.
(b) A tax haven.
(c) A travel hub.
(d) Hot dogs.

11. What is the name of the guide assigned to Link when he goes riding?
(a) James.
(b) Alexander.
(c) George.
(d) Santu.

12. Charlie says that life is a lot of _____.
(a) Cherry pits.
(b) Clos calls.
(c) Little green apples.
(d) Spilled beer drops.

13. According the Evan Pentelow, what car do elephants despise?
(a) Toyotas.
(b) Volkswagons.
(c) Dakotas.
(d) Hondas.

14. When does Nerissa think she will be dead by?
(a) Easter.
(b) Christmas.
(c) Spring.
(d) Summer solstice.

15. Where is Tables Turned running on the following Saturday?
(a) Newmarket.
(b) Germiston.
(c) Natal.
(d) Summerveld.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Danilo say that South Africans call the football fields and skating rinks they pass on their trip to the stable?

2. What drink does Quentin van Huren offer Link?

3. As a result of their recent performances, Link thinks that Nerissa's horses, as a bequest, are no more than a _____.

4. What language does the guide assigned to Link when he goes riding speak?

5. Link thinks that Nerissa came from the blue-blooded end of the _____.

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