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At the beginning of the novel, Link is filming a movie in which he is handcuffed to the steering wheel of this sports car.

Hired Car

Link wakes up his third morning in the park to find himself handcuffed to this.

Written Accusation

This is used by Link to convince friends of Danilo's guilt.

Nerissa's Will

Nerissa has created a this document to give all her friends a gift.

Nerissa's Horses

These are in South Africa and cannot be brought to England where Nerissa lives.


This is the name of a movie Link stars in that will premiere in Johannesburg during Link's visit there.

Man in a Car

This is a movie Link films with Evan and Conrad at the beginning of the book.


This is the name of the movie company that produces and distributes Link's movies.

Iguana Rock

This is the name of...

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