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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


Chapters 1-2

Link's film director for "Man in Car" has been replaced by a director that he has had problems with in the past. This lesson is on conflict that arises between the two characters.


1) Class Discussion: What is Evan Pentelow's directing style like? How does he prove this when working on the scene with Link? How many times are some of the scenes shot? Why?

2) Journal: Describe the past revealed between Link and Evan Pentelow. Why does the director resent Link? What has Link done to warrant this resentment? Why has Link done these things?

3) Vocabulary: Define the following words and describe the context in which they are used in relation to Link's dealings with Evan Pentelow: 1. impetus 2. divan 3. clotted malice 4. inexorable 5. harangue

4) Group Discussion: How does the way Evan shoot the scene in the car add to the strain on the relationship between...

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