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Essay Topic 1

Describe the conflict between Link and Evan Pentelow. What is their history together? What incident caused the rift in their relationship? How does their relationship evolve in shooting the scene in Man in Car? How is this reflective of Link's character?

Essay Topic 2

What is Link's relationship with his wife, Charlie, like? What event served as a turning point to strengthen their relationship? How does it strengthen their relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Compare the demeanor of Clifford Wenkins to that of Link's character. How is Clifford Wenkins a foil to Link's character? How are the two men physically different? How does each man differ in the way he presents himself?

Essay Topic 4

What does Charlie see as the difference between the public and the private Links? How does she feel about the public man? How does Link make a joke about the "private Link"? How does this...

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