Smokescreen Character Descriptions

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Edward Lincoln

This actor, who lives in England, began his work in movies riding horses after growing too tall to live his dream of being a jockey, and is the main character.

Charlotte 'Charlie' Lincoln

This person is very down to earth and feels that she is married to two separate men.

Nerissa Cavesey

This wealthy widow has recently become ill and knows that she will die soon.

Danilo Cavesey

This person was born in England but raised in California and tries to get the main character killed, but is arrested instead.

Evan Pentelow

This director likes to give detailed direction to his actors in order to force them to portray their scenes in the way he sees them rather than trusting the actors to use their own instincts.


This person is the head of photography on "Man in a Car."

Greville Arknold

This horse trainer has...

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