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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Matt's business partner?

2. What does Frank do in his partnership with Matt?

3. What does the dog do when Jason spills his milk?

4. What does Lizabeth give Matt before she leaves?

5. When the intruder appears in Chapter 6, what does Lizabeth do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Elsie's character add to the novel? How would it be different without her?

2. Aunt Elsie is determined to stay up and see the "pervert." Is her (im)patience rewarded? How does she react to his appearance?

3. What possible purpose does the outrageous flasher character have in the storyline? What does he provide the opportunity for?

4. Compare/contrast Lizabeth's relationship with Paul to her relationship with Matt.

5. What secret does Matt share with Lizabeth after their intimate moment in the bathroom they are restoring, and how does Lizabeth react to his revelation?

6. The novel starts with Lizabeth looking for a job at a construction site. What do you think the draw of a job in the construction industry would be to a woman like Lizabeth?

7. What does the Elsie's Cadillac symbolize in the story?

8. What does Lizabeth's house symbolize in the novel?

9. Why might the author have moved Matt and Lizabeth so quickly to a kissing scene?

10. Describe Matt's house and the condition it is in when Lizabeth is first brought there.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Matt brings Lizabeth to his house for the first time. She is shocked and a bit overwhelmed by what she sees. How does the condition of Matt's house parallel the condition of his life? What do the objects in the house represent? What do the lack of objects one expects to see in a home represent?

Essay Topic 2

One way to become familiar with the characters in a novel and their importance to the story line is to compare/contrast characters who have a fairly parallel position in the novel. Along these lines, compare/contrast Paul and Matt and each person's relationship with Lizabeth. Then, compare/contrast each person's relationship with Lizabeth's sons. Who makes more of an effort at being a father to Jason and Billy?

Essay Topic 3

Lizabeth is clearly struggling for independence and self-sufficiency. Everything she does seems to be based on these premises. What importance does this independence seem to hold for Lizabeth? Why is it so important to her? What do you think Matt represents to her when she first meets him and then further into the novel? Do you think that she feels threatened by his strength and apparent need to take care of her?

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