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Chase Mills, Pennsylvania

This is the place where the protagonist lives after going through a divorce.

Lizabeth's House

This is the protagonist's realization of his/her dreams.

Matt's Motorcycle

This object is an important symbol of power, excitement, sexuality and freedom.

Elsie's Cadillac

This object is a symbol of excitement and freedom for the owner and, for the protagonist's children, a representation of the playful, mischievous times they have with their great-aunt.

Matt's Town House

This is the antagonist's home, office and garage.

Matt's Worksite

This is the location of the first meeting between the two main characters in the novel.

Lizabeth's Kitchen

The protagonist's employer accidentally sets this on fire.

Matt's Videos

These lead the protagonist to doubt the love interest's abilities as a parental figure.

Matt's Suit

This leads the protagonist to realize that the love interest is not only a contractor but the owner of...

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