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Essay Topic 1

Fojl's character is integral to Smilla's Sense of Snow as he seems to protect key characters and share information with Smilla. Yet, at the end, it's revealed that he is hiding essential information that helps. Answer the following questions in detail.

1) Does Fojl really love Isaiah and does he truly care for Smilla? Are his actions purely selfish? Do you think Smilla continues to have a relationship with him?

2) What foreshadowing of Fojl's involvement is seen in the story? Give specific examples.

3) How do Fojl's shortcomings make him a more believable character?

Essay Topic 2

The parasite that kill the men on the Greenland expeditions represents evil that grows unidentified. Smilla's pursuit of the truth represents something pure, good and done out of a selfless love for someone else. Consider the motivations of these characters as they relate to good and evil.

1) Elsa Lubing.

2) Tork Hviid.

3) Ravn.

4) Loyen.

5) Lagermann.

Essay Topic 3

Trust in Smilla's Sense of Snow is an issue she tackles in her personal journey. Discuss Smilla's experiences with trust in regards to the following characters.

1) Isaiah.

2) Fojl.

3) Moritz.

4) Jakkelsen.

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