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Essay Topic 1

In Smilla's Sense of Snow, Smilla journeys from the city of Copenhagen, to the sea aboard the Kronos, and finally to the ice where she makes the final discoveries in the investigation.

1) Based on foreshadowing, your understanding of Smilla and specific references from the novel, predict what Smilla's future actions are.

2) Analyze Smilla's relationship with Moritz, based on their interactions during this investigation. What is your prediction for the future of that relationship?

3) Compare and contrast the Smilla Jasperson introduced in the beginning of the novel, to the woman who watches Tork float away at the end.

Essay Topic 2

A large focus of Smilla's Sense of Snow is on her personal journey of self discovery and she investigates Isaiah's death. Choose one of the following questions to answer in detail.

1) Relate the progression of Smilla's personal journey to that of the unfolding investigation. Link critical events in the investigation to those in Smilla's growth.

2) Convey Smilla's personal growth in relation to the weather and natural events that occurs throughout the story.

3) Analyze Smilla's growth journey in relationship to other characters she encounters.

Essay Topic 3

While Smilla's pursuit of justice in Smilla's Sense of Snow is portrayed as doing the right thing, there are instances in the book where she steps outside of what is considered moral and accepted behavior. Comment on the following events and analyze Smilla's behavior and decisions.

1) She steals from and blackmails Jakkelsen.

2) She sleeps with Lander, who is married, while she is also sleeping with Fojl.

3) She accepts money from Moritz against her better judgment.

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