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Essay Topic 1

The parasite that kill the men on the Greenland expeditions represents evil that grows unidentified. Smilla's pursuit of the truth represents something pure, good and done out of a selfless love for someone else. Consider the motivations of these characters as they relate to good and evil.

1) Elsa Lubing.

2) Tork Hviid.

3) Ravn.

4) Loyen.

5) Lagermann.

Essay Topic 2

In Smilla's Sense of Snow, Smilla journeys from the city of Copenhagen, to the sea aboard the Kronos, and finally to the ice where she makes the final discoveries in the investigation.

1) Based on foreshadowing, your understanding of Smilla and specific references from the novel, predict what Smilla's future actions are.

2) Analyze Smilla's relationship with Moritz, based on their interactions during this investigation. What is your prediction for the future of that relationship?

3) Compare and contrast the Smilla Jasperson introduced in the beginning of the novel, to the woman who watches Tork float away at the end.

Essay Topic 3

Minor characters play very specific roles in Smilla's Sense of Snow. Select one of the minor characters listed below. Discuss their contribution to the novel, why the author chooses to create that character is a particular way, and what changes if that character of some specific element of that character is eliminated.

1) Elsa Lubing.

2) Johannes Loyen.

3) Ravn.

4) Andrea Licht.

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