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Essay Topic 1

While Smilla's pursuit of justice in Smilla's Sense of Snow is portrayed as doing the right thing, there are instances in the book where she steps outside of what is considered moral and accepted behavior. Comment on the following events and analyze Smilla's behavior and decisions.

1) She steals from and blackmails Jakkelsen.

2) She sleeps with Lander, who is married, while she is also sleeping with Fojl.

3) She accepts money from Moritz against her better judgment.

Essay Topic 2

The ship, The Kronos, is at the center of some of the key events in Smilla's Sense of Snow.

1) Analyze why so many of the pivotal events in this novel occur on a ship.

2) Choose three characters who are on board The Kronos and describe their impact on the tale.

3) Are there any characters who are introduced on the Kronos who are eliminated from the novel without a great impact to the story? What characters on board the ship have the greatest impact on the novel? Support your answer with examples from the story.

Essay Topic 3

In Smilla's Sense of Snow, Smilla's unusual ability to read ice and snow is described as instinct. Use specific examples from the story to answer these questions about instinct.

1) Is Smilla able to solve the mystery of Isaiah's death without her instincts to read snow and ice?

2) Cite three specific instances when anyone's instincts in the story lead to an important outcome. What happens in each instance if that person is not able to rely on their instincts?

3) What other instincts does Smilla have, or lack, that help her or hurt her in the story? Discuss the important of each in pursuit of her goal.

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