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Essay Topics

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Essay Topic 1

The parasite that kill the men on the Greenland expeditions represents evil that grows unidentified. Smilla's pursuit of the truth represents something pure, good and done out of a selfless love for someone else. Consider the motivations of these characters as they relate to good and evil.

1) Elsa Lubing.

2) Tork Hviid.

3) Ravn.

4) Loyen.

5) Lagermann.

Essay Topic 2

Appearances in Smilla's Sense of Snow are often deceptive. Consider that fact as you discuss each of the items below. Be certain to refer to specific events from the story to support your comments.

1) Birgo Lander's role in the story and relationship with Smilla.

2) Fojl's relationship with Smilla and motivations.

3) Moritz's relationship with Smilla.

Essay Topic 3

At the end of Smilla's Sense of Snow, the protagonist says, "It's only the things you don't understand that you can resolve. There will be no resolution". She makes this comment as she watches Tork float out to sea.

1) Explain what Smilla means by this comment. Does she wish she does not uncover the truth?

2) Discuss whether or not Tork's imminent death is justified.

3) Compare Tork's death to Isaiah's.

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