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Essay Topic 1

While Smilla's pursuit of justice in Smilla's Sense of Snow is portrayed as doing the right thing, there are instances in the book where she steps outside of what is considered moral and accepted behavior. Comment on the following events and analyze Smilla's behavior and decisions.

1) She steals from and blackmails Jakkelsen.

2) She sleeps with Lander, who is married, while she is also sleeping with Fojl.

3) She accepts money from Moritz against her better judgment.

Essay Topic 2

Sarcasm is sometimes used as comic relief or for a change of tone in Smilla's Sense of Snow.

1) Explore the use of sarcasm between Smilla and Lander. Describe how this fosters their relationship.

2) Analyze Smilla's meeting with Andreas Licht and talk about how both of their characters deal with the meeting. What motivates both of them? Why do they choose to interact in the way they do?

3) Explore Smilla's use of sarcasm and reaction to the sarcastic behaviors of others. What does Smilla's reaction to sarcasm indicate about her character? Does the nature of the relationships she chooses reflect a specific attitude, or does everyone use sarcasm in some way? Use specifics from the story to support your responses.

Essay Topic 3

Trust in Smilla's Sense of Snow is an issue she tackles in her personal journey. Discuss Smilla's experiences with trust in regards to the following characters.

1) Isaiah.

2) Fojl.

3) Moritz.

4) Jakkelsen.

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