Smilla's Sense of Snow Fun Activities

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Draw a Picture

Use the description of a character from Smilla's Sense of Snow to draw a picture of that character. You may use your imagination as long as you are true to the details given in the book.

Investigative Timeline

As if you are Smilla, or another detective investigating Isaiah's death in Smilla's Sense of Snow, create an investigative timeline, or other visual method, that charts all known events relating to the boy's death. This is something the detective uses to help draw correlations and solve a case.

Visual Imagery Art Piece

Use any example of visual imagery from Smilla's Sense of Snow (such as the footprint in the snow, the model ship or Lagermann's kitchen) and create an artistic representation inspired by this image. You may use any artistic style or method you choose.

Newspaper Report

Find an article online or in the newspaper that tells...

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