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These are among the smallest units of matter in existence.

Proton Decay

This is when the physical integrity of a small bit of matter breaks down until finally it disintegrates into pure energy.

Will's House

This has four stories, one of which is the setting for several important encounters.

The Dormer Attic

The top floor of the Tuppence family home.

The Wedding Presents

Will's great grandparents left to do missionary work in Africa and left these behind.

Dead Man's Hill

This is where Tabby has her accident.

The French Creek Star Party

This is where Mi Su and BT kiss.

Will's Watch, Trophy, and Skateboard

These are extremely important to Will.


Playing this is a regular weekly feature of the friendship between Will, Mi Su, and BT.

Ozzie the Octopus

Tabby's favorite stuffed toy conceals a secret.

The Brimley Clock

Will thinks this is starting to...

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