Smiles to Go Character Descriptions

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Will Tuppence

This character is a high school student with a talent and fondness for chess.

Mi Su

This character is an outspoken, impulsive, and vivacious young woman.

BT (Anthony Bontempo)

This character is an introspective, deceptively careless, surprisingly sensitive young man.


This character is extraordinarily troublesome and pesky, seemingly taking every opportunity to mischievously tease, taunt, and otherwise irritate her big brother.

Will's Parents

These characters coach for the chess tournament he enters.

BT's Dad

This character is something of a free spirit - in fact, as much of a free spirit as his son.

Korbet Finn

This character is a five year old that has a die-hard crush on his neighbor.

Rob Vandemeer, Danny Riggs

The main character is jealous of these two boys at school.

Aunt Nancy

This character is the one who discovers a five year old girl after her accident on Dead...

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