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Part 1, p. 1 - 29

• Will goes to Jim's house and learns about how protons are what make up humans and how they cannot be destroyed.

• Later, he learns that scientists have figured out how to destroy protons in a flash of light. This depresses Will as he no longer feels unsmashable.
• Every Saturday, Will has BT and Mi Su over for a pizza and Monopoly party. BT borrows some money by telling her a secret. Will gets jealous.

• Tabby is Will's little sister and she is always annoying him. He can't stand her, but she seems to always want to be with him.
• Will tells the physics class about proton decay, and the teacher points out that it means the world will end in a few trillion years.

• BT brags about skateboarding down Dead Man's Hill. BT also tries to teach Tabby to skateboard. Will seems unimpressed by all...

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