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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kaira discover Armpit is ticklish?
(a) She grabs him from behind, around the ribs.
(b) She finds a feather on the ground and runs it across his ear.
(c) She touches him in the armpit, and he laughs.
(d) She does not know he is ticklish.

2. What does the letter from Kaira to Armpit say?
(a) She is quitting the music business.
(b) Her step-father is divorcing her mother.
(c) She wants him to come for a visit.
(d) She's written him several letters.

3. What is one dilemma that Armpit faces?
(a) Whether he should accept the promotion.
(b) Whether to go to San Francisco.
(c) Whether he is good enough to continue doing plumbing.
(d) Whether to disassociate from X-Ray.

4. Why does Armpit buy a sweatshirt?
(a) For Kaira.
(b) As a souvenir of his trip.
(c) For Ginny.
(d) To stay warm in the cool San Francisco air.

5. What does Kaira tell Armpit about El Genius?
(a) He was her father's best friend.
(b) She thinks he's skimming her profits.
(c) She plans to fire him.
(d) She thinks he's doing something illegal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the suspect lie about when questioned?

2. What does Armpit do to Kaira's letter?

3. What seemed overwhelming to Armpit?

4. When does Kaira say she thinks of Armpit?

5. What does X-Ray say to Armpit when X-Ray calls?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Armpit decide about the trip and how does he feel about his decision?

2. How does the attack on Kaira end?

3. What happens when Armpit encounters Felix and Moses coming back from his speech exam?

4. Describe the interaction between Armpit and Kaira in the hotel restaurant.

5. What does X-Ray tell Armpit and how does Armpit respond?

6. What "game" do Kaira and Armpit play when they leave the hotel restaurant and what does Kaira disclose to Armpit?

7. Describe the conversation between Detective Newburg and Armpit after he witnesses X-Ray's interrogation.

8. What does Armpit's boss say about Armpit's work and what does the boss offer to do?

9. What does El Genius do in Armpit's room?

10. What happens when Kaira is getting ready for her show and El Genius comes in her room?

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