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Chapters 1 through 4

• Theodore Johnson, an African American youth, is nicknamed Armpit because a scorpion bite in his armpit became infected.

• He is working in the mayor's yard digging holes, a job he is familiar with because of his time spent doing this in a detention center.

• After three years in the center and counseling, Armpit has resolved to reform in life. He has five steps he has resolved to take.

• X-ray, a friend from the center, interrupts Armpits work with a request that Armpit help him in a sure business deal.

• The plan involves Kaira DeLeon, a pop star who is currently on national tour. Kaira is managed by her stepfather who calls himself El Genius.
• Kaira has a bodyguard, Fred, because her life has been threatened, and she has received several marriage proposals.

• X-Ray plans to buy discounted tickets for her concert and resell them at a...

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