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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How id Didactylos making money when Brutha finds him?
(a) He is teaching others how to think.
(b) A long line of people want to buy his thoughts.
(c) He is taking bets.
(d) He is sweeping.

2. What does the Tyrant war Vorbis afraid of?
(a) They will be excommunicated from the city.
(b) They will be struck by the wrath of the gods.
(c) They will have no food.
(d) If he won't sign, they will be raided.

3. What did the Omnian Church do to Koomi?
(a) Koomi was excommunicated.
(b) Koomi was brought into the family.
(c) Koomi was worshipped as the highest god.
(d) Koomi was cursed.

4. How does the tortoise speak to Brutha?
(a) Through sign language.
(b) Telepathically.
(c) Quietly.
(d) He doesn't.

5. What does Discworld rest on?
(a) A space ocean.
(b) The edge of the Milky Way.
(c) A tortoise.
(d) A desert.

6. What does Om request of Brutha?
(a) He wants Brutha to take him to Vorbis.
(b) He wants Brutha to take him to the monastery.
(c) He wants Brutha to take him to Ephebe.
(d) He wants Brutha to find him the best lettuce in the land.

7. What is the church cracking down on?
(a) Excessive drinking.
(b) Polytheism.
(c) Heresy.
(d) Dancing.

8. Why won't the philosophers discuss the gods?
(a) They only believe in one true god and won't acknowledge others.
(b) They are fearful of getting struck down from the heavens.
(c) They respect them so much that they don't want to mention the god's names.
(d) They aren't worth talking about.

9. How do the Ephebians feel about their Tyrant?
(a) They know he's weak, but they feel he will get better.
(b) They think he is the greatest.
(c) They wish he could rule longer.
(d) They are perpetually dissatisfied.

10. How does the tortoise prove he is a god?
(a) He curses the monastery.
(b) He transforms himself.
(c) He summons a smal thunderbolt.
(d) He can't.

11. How do the clergy regard Vorbis?
(a) They laugh at his attempts to gain power.
(b) They hate him.
(c) With great respect.
(d) They think he is weak.

12. Who does Brutha bring to the garden to see the tortoise?
(a) Nhumrod.
(b) Drunah.
(c) Om.
(d) Fri'it.

13. How is the tortoise treated by the person Brutha brings to the garden?
(a) He is laughed at.
(b) He is taken to the kitchen to be made into soup.
(c) He is completely ignored.
(d) He is revered.

14. What did Fri'it have to walk alone?
(a) The road to Ephebe.
(b) The streets of the Citadel.
(c) The ribbon of life.
(d) The desert.

15. What does Vorbis call the Ephebians?
(a) Magnificent.
(b) Infidels.
(c) Traitors.
(d) Great hosts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the monks in the Ramtop mountains do?

2. What happens when Brutha tries to get out of the maze?

3. What room does Om nearly fall into?

4. What is unique about the philosopher who appears?

5. Where does Vorbis order Brutha to go?

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