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The Color of Magic

"Small Gods" is the 13th novel in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. The first book in the series is entitled "The Color of Magic." That book was made into a film. Watch the film as a visual introduction to Discworld.

Religion Research

In the Holy Bible and the Koran and other religious books, individuals claim to have heard a voice of a god. List several of these incidents from various religions and compare them to Brutha's experience.

Turtle Soup

Nhumrod sends the tortoise to the kitchen to be made into soup. Look up a recipe for turtle soup, and research where people eat it.

The Seal Deal

Sergeant Simony opens a letter with a turtle emblazoned on it. Make your own symbol and seal to represent something you believe strongly in.

Play the odds

Om finds the serendipity of how he met Brutha...

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