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Pages 1-32

• The narrator talks about the relationship between eagles and tortoises, calling eagles sadistic.

• The monks live in the Ramtop mountains, recording historical events.

• A new prophet is due soon so the church is cracking down on heresy.
• Brutha hears a voice.

• Vorbis interrogates Sasho.

• Brutha finds a tortoise claiming to be the great god Om.
• Om sends Brutha to get a high priest.

• Revolutionaries begin to plan.

Pages 33-70

• Brutha brings Nhumrod to meet the tortoise.

• Nhumrod can't hear Om's voice.

• Nhumrod brings the tortoise to the kitchen to be made into soup.
• Brutha rescues the tortoise.

• The Tortoise tries to prove he is Om.

• Fri'it and Drunah meet and attempt to see if they are both revolutionaries.

• Vorbis visits Brutha.
• Om tries to get up the stars of the citadel.

• Brutha demonstrates his incredible memory skills when asked.

Pages 71-107

• Om hides from the eagle...

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