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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the title of this essay?
(a) I Can't Get That Monster Out of My Mind
(b) Oh Yeah!
(c) I Come in Peace and You Go in Pieces
(d) Gods and Monsters

2. What was the caretaker's job in the prison?
(a) Warden
(b) Caretaker
(c) A cook
(d) A guard

3. Why does Didion never tell her family about her struggles?
(a) They can't even afford to eat
(b) She has lost their number
(c) She does not want to worry them
(d) She wants to cope on her own

4. Why do the parties become boring?
(a) Her friends stop attending
(b) They are held at the same places
(c) People don't move on
(d) The same people are always there

5. What does this inccident define to Didion?
(a) Courage
(b) Morality
(c) Human instinct
(d) Humanity

6. Where does Didion visit in this essay?
(a) Coney Island
(b) Paris
(c) Brooklyn
(d) Newport Beach

7. Why is Didion unable to record people's reactions?
(a) She is overcome with grief
(b) She loses her notebook
(c) She loses her pen
(d) She falls ill

8. What job did Didion's great-great-grandfather do in Hawaii?
(a) Teacher
(b) Slave runner
(c) Policeman
(d) Chef

9. What does Didion think about as she explores the island?
(a) The history of the prisoners
(b) The rare birds
(c) Her daughter
(d) Her grandfather

10. Of what old adage does the area remind Didion?
(a) Money does not grow on trees
(b) Money can't buy happiness
(c) Money makes the world go round
(d) It could be you

11. Where does Didion hear that an accident happened?
(a) In a nuclear reactor
(b) In a slaughthouse
(c) In a supermarket
(d) The mountains

12. With whom does Didion go on the holiday?
(a) Her daughter
(b) Her boyfriend
(c) Her husband
(d) Her best friend

13. With whom does Didion celebrate her daughter's birthday?
(a) Her daughter's friends
(b) Her family
(c) Her own friends
(d) Her husband

14. Where does Didion plan to go and relax?
(a) Jamaica
(b) Canary Islands
(c) Barbados
(d) Guaymas

15. Where was the gold discovered?
(a) Formby Farm
(b) Horace River
(c) Sutter's Ford
(d) Johann's Ford

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the mother tell her brother?

2. What did the monster do in the movie?

3. Where does Didion visit in this essay?

4. Who does not like going to see Didion's family?

5. What does Didion write about in this essay?

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