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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who of the following did not star in The Sons of Katie Elder?
(a) Dennis Hopper
(b) Dean Martin
(c) Peter Fonda
(d) John Wayne

2. What is the name of the street the woman is walking down in this chapter?
(a) Throw Away
(b) Locket
(c) Banyan
(d) Elm

3. What is the woman's name?
(a) Lucille Miller
(b) Jackie Didion
(c) Honor Lorraine
(d) Anne Toberlone

4. What does Didion compare Michael to when he talks to his workers?
(a) A dictator
(b) A manic depressive
(c) A tyrant
(d) An army sergeant

5. What ability does Didion think she lost when she lost her innocence?
(a) To fall in love
(b) To write poetry
(c) To deceive herself
(d) To do what she pleased

6. What happens when Didion looks back at the notes she has written?
(a) She cannot stop reading them
(b) She feels creative and starts to write
(c) She becomes nostalgic and cries
(d) She can't remember what they refer to

7. What does Didion say she hears almost daily?
(a) Arguments from Hughes' house
(b) Music from Hughes house
(c) Hughes' name
(d) A rumor about Hughes

8. What does Didion witness a group of young people doing?
(a) Taking acid
(b) Singing protest songs
(c) Having an orgy
(d) Taking mushrooms

9. Why does Didion say she writes notes?
(a) To improve her writing
(b) To get rid of anger
(c) To write her novels
(d) To remember certain situations

10. In what state is San Bernardino located?
(a) Arizona
(b) Texas
(c) Colorado
(d) California

11. Why could Didion not become Phi Beta Kappa?
(a) Her grades were not good enough
(b) Her father was a communist
(c) She was too young
(d) She had a criminal record

12. What is Didion's opinion of Las Vegas weddings?
(a) Cheap and absurd
(b) A young person's game
(c) Cruel
(d) Atheist

13. What does the sixteen-year-old girl state about her own Las Vegas wedding?
(a) It was quick and easy
(b) It was tacky and humiliating
(c) It was holy and beautiful
(d) It was everything she could have imagined

14. Why was Didion initially shocked that Wayne could develop cancer?
(a) He was too young
(b) He was a film star
(c) He was not a real person
(d) He was too strong

15. With whom is Didion initially told to speak?
(a) Jack Bean
(b) Arrowhead
(c) Mike
(d) Deadeye

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the center provide?

2. What is Michael careful not to talk about?

3. Didion believe her loss of innocence was the beginning of ____________.

4. What is the name of this essay?

5. Who does Didion have to speak to before she can interview Baez?

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