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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Didion believe her loss of innocence was the beginning of ____________.
(a) Depression
(b) Rebellion
(c) Self respect
(d) Self confidence

2. Who of the following did not star in The Sons of Katie Elder?
(a) Peter Fonda
(b) Dean Martin
(c) John Wayne
(d) Dennis Hopper

3. In which country was the film shot?
(a) England
(b) Canada
(c) Czechoslovakia
(d) Mexico

4. What is the only thing Michael talks about?
(a) Bad habits
(b) Capitalism
(c) Neo Stalinism
(d) Revolution

5. What does Didion want to find in San Francisco?
(a) Musicians
(b) Gangsters
(c) Missing children
(d) Poets

6. What does Didion begin to wonder?
(a) Why people are curious about Hughes
(b) Why Hughes is a recluse
(c) How Hughes ever became famous
(d) Why Hughes has boarded his windows

7. What is the name of the street the woman is walking down in this chapter?
(a) Banyan
(b) Throw Away
(c) Locket
(d) Elm

8. What does Didion compare Michael to when he talks to his workers?
(a) A dictator
(b) An army sergeant
(c) A tyrant
(d) A manic depressive

9. What can a couple of kids do easily in Las Vegas?
(a) Buy guns
(b) Find drugs
(c) Get jobs
(d) Get married

10. In what state is San Bernardino located?
(a) Colorado
(b) California
(c) Arizona
(d) Texas

11. What center does this essay address?
(a) The Center of Democratic Institutions
(b) The Center of Capitalist Thought
(c) The Feminist Center for Abused Women
(d) The local sports center

12. What does Didion say Hughes is?
(a) A private man
(b) A social failure
(c) A schizophrenic
(d) A scared man

13. What reason do the two runaways give for leaving home?
(a) They were both pregnant
(b) They wanted freedom
(c) They were bored
(d) Their mothers did not like their lifestyle

14. What does a person without self respect use his/her failings to do?
(a) Put others down
(b) Excuse his/her failure
(c) Become nothing
(d) Hide his/her shame

15. Who does Wayne have dinner with at the end of the chapter?
(a) John Ford
(b) Joan Didion
(c) Sammy Davis Jr
(d) Dean Martin

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Didion have to speak to before she can interview Baez?

2. What is the title of this essay?

3. What is the name of this essay?

4. Didion think Las Vegas weddings make a mockery of __________________________.

5. What is the woman's name?

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