Slouching Toward Bethlehem Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Lucille Miller's life at the beginning of Part 1.

Married to a dentist, Lucille Miller lived the life of the socialite, chairing the Heart Fund and raising the couple's three children.

2. Why was Cork Miller unhappy?

On the outside, Lucille and Cork Miller appeared to have the perfect life. However, Cork was overwhelmed with the debt that the couple had accumulated since moving to California and was unhappy with his career choice.

3. What does Lucille tell the police happened on October 7, 1964?

Lucille tells police, the car dragged to the right, jumped onto an embankment and caught fire. Lucille says she searched for help, coming back to the car once to break the window to attempt to release her unconscious husband. Finally Lucille made her way to a nearby house and called for help.

4. What inconsistencies did the police find with Lucille's story?

Police began to find inconsistencies in Lucille's story. The inside of the car did not support the theory that Lucille hit the embankment at a high speed. Instead, the police began to think that Lucille had attempted to drive the car over the embankment after dousing her husband in gas, hoping he would burn in the crash.

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