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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Life Styles in the Golden Land: Where the Kissing Never Stops.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which country was the film shot?
(a) England
(b) Mexico
(c) Canada
(d) Czechoslovakia

2. Who does Didion have to speak to before she can interview Baez?
(a) Baez's adopted children
(b) Baez's donkey
(c) Baez's agent
(d) Baez's secretary

3. What is the name of the street the woman is walking down in this chapter?
(a) Elm
(b) Throw Away
(c) Locket
(d) Banyan

4. What did Lucille and Cork go to the shop to buy?
(a) Chocolate
(b) Raisons
(c) Medicine
(d) Milk

5. Who of the following did not star in The Sons of Katie Elder?
(a) John Wayne
(b) Peter Fonda
(c) Dennis Hopper
(d) Dean Martin

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the one thing Baez liked about her job?

2. With what illness was Wayne diagnosed?

3. What did Cork originally want to do when he moved to San Bernardino?

4. What did Lucille douse her husband with before the crash?

5. Of which musician is this essay a portrait?

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