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The Sons of Katie ElderI

This is a movie starring John Wayne. It was the filming of this movie that Joan Didion writes about in her essay, "John Wayne: A Love Song."

C.P.U.S.A (M.-L.)

One of Didion's essays was about the General Secretary of this group.


Didion had kept these since she was five, although she often was not sure to what they referred. Didion wrote several essays about this habit.

Slouching Toward Bethlehem

This is a line from a Yeats poem that Didion chose as the title of one of her essays.

San Bernardino

This is a city an hour east of Los Angeles that was originally settled by the Mormons.

Carmel Valley

Joan Baez had a school here, but local residents near her school attempted to force her to move away.

Las Vegas

This is a city in Nevada where...

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