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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Life Styles in the Golden Land: Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream)


This essay details the death of Cork Miller, murdered by his wife Lucille Miller.

The aim of this lesson is to examine Lucille Miller's position in popular culture.


1) Class discussion. Why do the students think Cork Miller's murder caused such a stir in the Sixties? Why do the students think that Didion felt the need to write about the case? What point of view does Didion come from? What new ideas does she bring to the murder case and Lucille's motives? Do the students think a similar murder would make as big an impact today as it did in the Sixties?

2) Ask the students to write a short story about the murder.

3) Ask the students to write 300 words on what Lucille's life was like with her husband and 300 words about why she believed life would be better with her new lover.

4) Write an newspaper article...

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