Slouching Toward Bethlehem Character Descriptions

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Lucille Miller

She was a housewife in San Bernardino who was accused of killing her husband.

John Wayne

He was a movie star who was discovered while working moving props on a movie set.

Joan Baez

She was known as the voice of the protest movement and was a frequent presence at many of the civil rights protests that took place in the Sixties.

Joan Didion

She was a writer who began with fiction but also made quite a reputation with her essays. She grew up in the Sacramento Valley and was very close to her extended family.

Michael Laski

He was a Communist that Didion interviewed.

Howard Hughes

He was a millionaire who fascinated gossip hounds the world over. Didion would often drive past his home, curious as to why people were so obsessed with the rumors that swirled around this recluse.


Didion met her while...

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