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Part 1, Life Styles in the Golden Land: Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream

• On the outside, Lucille and Cork Miller appeared to have the perfect life. However, Cork was overwhelmed with the debt that the couple had accumulated since moving to California and was unhappy with his career choice.

• Lucille and Cork struggled within their marriage, separating for a time. However, they got back together and appeared to be as happy as ever. Cork and Lucille were even considering having a fourth child.
• Then, on October 7, 1964, Cork came home from work with a migraine and suggested he and Lucille run to the store to get some milk so that he could have a cup of cocoa.

• On the way home, Lucille would later tell police, the car began to drag to the right and the car jumped onto the embankment and caught fire. She tried to get her...

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