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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Goya become angry with Leocadia?

2. What was the effect of the Constitution of 1812?

3. What is the only subject Dr. Arrieta is willing to discuss with Father Duaso?

4. Where did King Ferdinand learn needlework?

5. What royal decree frightens Leocadia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Goya call the horrifying scene of the Royal Volunteers attacking his home a "comedy?"

2. How does King Ferdinand ensure that Father Duaso will arrive at Goya's house after the Royal Volunteers?

3. Why does Goya hesitate to open Martin Zapater's letter?

4. What evidence is there in Part 1, Scene 1 that King Ferdinand sees through Calomarde's flattery and does not trust him?

5. Why does Dr. Arrieta not expect help for himself from Father Duaso?

6. What is the theme of Goya's nightmare trial?

7. How are King Ferdinand and Goya alike?

8. Does Goya know that the meowing he hears is an auditory hallucination?

9. What does Leocadia lie to Goya about in their first conversation?

10. What do the unnamed women's voices represent in Goya's mind?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout history, Christians have persecuted others in the name of Jesus Christ, a result which seems strange considering his teachings of love and tolerance. Write an essay explaining your theory of how a scene such as you read in Part Two, Scene Four, could happen in Jesus' name.

Essay Topic 2

Goya places great faith in the Bird-Men, people he believes to have conquered flight and to live in a more harmonious, advanced civilization. In an essay, explain what Goya wants them to do, who he thinks they are, and where he believes they come from. If they symbolize something, what is it? Support your ideas with quotations from Goya's speeches about them.

Essay Topic 3

An author may write to inform, persuade, or entertain his readers. Write an essay telling what you think Buero-Vallejo's purpose was in creating this play. What about it is universal? What theme do you think the playwright was addressing? Do you think Buero-Vallejo has met his goal?

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