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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Goya tell Father Duaso he will not ask King Ferdinand's pardon?
(a) Goya does not believe he has done anything wrong.
(b) Goya does not recognize the regency of King Ferdinand.
(c) Goya believes King Ferdinand should ask pardon first.
(d) Goya has already asked pardon.

2. in Part 2, Scene 1, what does Father Duaso offer to do for King Ferdinand?
(a) Plead with Goya to paint the King's portrait.
(b) Plead with Goya to leave the country.
(c) Plead with Goya to denounce Masons.
(d) Plead with Goya to prostrate himself before the throne.

3. What solution does Father Duaso offer for Goya's dilemma?
(a) Father Duaso will plead with the king on Goya's behalf.
(b) Father Duaso will go with Goya to apologize to the king.
(c) Father Duaso will help Goya escape to France.
(d) Father Duaso will help Goya barricade the house.

4. At the end of Part 2, Scene 3, what does Dr. Arrieta quote Goya as saying?
(a) "The King will never bother me."
(b) "Spain is being destroyed."
(c) "The sleep of reason produces monsters."
(d) "The King is a blockhead."

5. What does Dr. Arrieta suggest that Goya's peaceful state of mind implies?
(a) Senility.
(b) Inner peace.
(c) Declining technical skill.
(d) A clear conscience.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father Duaso decide to do about his visit to Goya?

2. To whom does Goya compare Leocadia in his mind?

3. When does King Ferdinand instruct Father Duaso to make his visit to Goya?

4. How does Goya appear when Leocadia sees him in Part 2, Scene 2?

5. What incident at Goya's home does Father Duaso report to King Ferdinand?

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