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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advancement has Father Duaso recently received?
(a) He's been made abbott.
(b) He's been made a cardinal.
(c) He's been made archbishop.
(d) He's been made chaplain to King Ferdinand.

2. Where did King Ferdinand learn needlework?
(a) In the winter castle.
(b) At his mother's knee.
(c) At his aunt's country estate.
(d) In exile.

3. Why does Leocadia call Goya insane?
(a) Because he is unaware of the danger.
(b) Because he is in great danger, but unafraid.
(c) Because he is terrified.
(d) Because he is too stubborn to ask King Ferdinand's pardon.

4. What is the last sound we hear in Part 1, Scene 2?
(a) The cry of the owls.
(b) The heartbeat.
(c) The bell ringing, unanswered.
(d) Cats meowing.

5. What does Gumersinda say a wife would do for Goya?
(a) Provide him with children.
(b) Cheer him up.
(c) Make him a cuckold.
(d) Invigorate him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Martin Zapater?

2. Why does Goya say those who painted the cross on his door must be theologians?

3. Why does Leocadia let Goya go out by himself?

4. How has King Ferdinand dealt with liberal dissenters?

5. For what was Riego executed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you make of the fact that while Goya is being tormented in his dream, the dream figures tell him that the King is embroidering flowers?

2. What is the theme of Goya's nightmare trial?

3. Why does Dr. Arrieta reject Father Duaso's plan to persuade Goya to beg the king's pardon?

4. How does Dr. Arrieta offend Father Duaso?

5. How did King Ferdinand punish Goya?

6. Father Duaso uses a word to describe Goya that seems entirely out of character with the Goya depicted in this play when he tells King Ferdinand that Goya seems "inoffensive" and "tranquil." What possible motive might Father Duaso have for such a description?

7. What is Dr. Arrieta's theory in Part 2, Scene 3 of King Ferdinand's plan for Goya?

8. Which of the dream figures has the most power over Goya, and what do you make of that fact?

9. What contrast exists between the physical description of King Ferdinand and his activities and speech?

10. What does Dr. Arrieta infer from Father Duaso's statement that they cannot visit Goya until after 8:00?

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