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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Leocadia think Goya is demented?
(a) He is always sad.
(b) He won't ask King Ferdinand's pardon.
(c) He hears things and talks to invisible beings.
(d) He misjudges her.

2. Why does Leocadia let Goya go out by himself?
(a) So she can speak to Dr. Arrieta alone.
(b) So she can clean the room.
(c) So she can have some peace and quiet.
(d) So she can examine his new painting.

3. How does Goya resolve the controversy between Gumersinda and Leocadia about where to celebrate Christmas?
(a) Goya says he will celebrate at Gumersinda's home.
(b) Goya says he will not celebrate Christmas this year.
(c) Goya says he will celebrate Christmas in France.
(d) Goya says he will not celebrate away from his own home.

4. Why does King Ferdinand refuse to start another Inquisition?
(a) He regrets the harm that was done.
(b) He wants to preserve the church's reputation.
(c) He believes injustices were commited.
(d) He wants absolute power.

5. What does Goya accuse Leocadia of doing at the bridge?
(a) Eavesdropping.
(b) Flirting with a soldier.
(c) Fighting with Gumersinda.
(d) Conspiring with the King's volunteers.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Leocadia evaluate Goya's recent paintings?

2. What is King Ferdinand's opinion of Goya after reading the letter?

3. Who is Vicente Lopez?

4. Where is Leocadia in Goya's painting?

5. How long has Goya been deaf?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprises Father Duaso about Dr. Arrieta's request for help for Goya?

2. How has Goya offended Calomarde?

3. What does Dr. Arrieta infer from Father Duaso's statement that they cannot visit Goya until after 8:00?

4. How does Father Duaso feel about King Ferdinand's decision to force Goya to become submissive to the King?

5. What does Leocadia hope Dr. Arrieta will be able to give Goya?

6. What are possible reasons that Leocadia no longer seems to Goya to be afraid?

7. The imaginary figures that torment Goya say they do so in the name of the priest from Tamajon. Who is the priest from Tamajon?

8. In the last scene, Goya says, "This is how it happens. It always happens." What does he mean?

9. How does King Ferdinand evaluate Goya?

10. What does Goya mean when he says, "For thirty years I've been witnessing a play I don't understand"?

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