The Sleep of Reason Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How are King Ferdinand and Goya alike?

Goya and King Ferdinand are alike because both are effectively confined within their living environments for fear of outside forces. Both keep firearms handy, and each has a spyglass used to look toward the other. Goya paints, and King Ferdinand embroiders, each expressing emotion through art. Each has lost a position of favor, and then somewhat regained it. Each is held in high regard by some. Both are tormented by the sound of heartbeats.

2. What evidence is there in Part 1, Scene 1 that King Ferdinand sees through Calomarde's flattery and does not trust him?

King Ferdinand shows that he sees through Calomarde's flattery and does not trust him when he reminds Calomarde that he has not been made a minister. King Ferdinand interrupts Calomarde and later suggests that Calomarde has his own reasons to lobby against Goya. The King doesn't listen to Calomarde's praise for his embroidery, but interrupts him to return to other subjects.

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