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Objective: This play is a visual experience, in which ideas are conveyed through symbolism as well as speech. In earlier days, bats were considered symbols of Satan. Unlike today, when owls are considered wise, they were once considered to represent mindless stupidity. The lynx, ever awake and watchful, was believed to be able to perceive truth even when surrounded by error. Today's objective is to analyze the painting, "El Sueno de la Razon Produce Monstruos," at the beginning of the play.

1. Individual writing: In your reading log, use the interpretations you have been given of the symbols in the painting to write a sentence or two that conveys the same idea that the painting does. Write your opinion: is the concept Goya conveys in this painting more easily expressed pictorially, or in words? Did expressing your interpretation of the painting require more language than you thought you...

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