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Part 1, Scene 1

• King Ferdinand is embroidering.

• Calomarde wants to decree that all Spaniards learn to embroider.

• King Ferdinand refuses to allow another Inquisition.

• King Ferdinand explains that he is planning a revenge against those who did not support him.

• Calomerde shows the King an intercepted letter.

• Calomerde recounts the execution of one of the King's enemies, Riego.

• King Ferdinand declares that Goya is either a fool or a brave man to have written the letter.

• Calomerde shows King Ferdinand that Goya's house is visible from the palace.

• Calomerde tries to convince King Ferdinand that Goya is not a great painter.

• Calomerde recommends a death sentence for Goya.

• Calomerde suggests that King Ferdinand's embroidery is greater art that Goya's.

• The King inquires as to the recipient of the letter, Martin Zapater.

• A heartbeat thrums in the background, frightening the King Ferdinand.

• King Ferdinand doubles the guard around the palace...

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