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Fife Players

Provide the students with some plastic recorders (or have them find one and bring it to class), and teach the students a song that fits the style of what Jessie would have played while on the ship.

Ship Savvy

Find a diagram of the kind of ship that The Moonlight was and bring it to class to help the students better visualize the setting of The Moonlight.

Seamstress Skills

Have an experienced seamstress come to class and talk about how difficult it would have been for Jessie's mother to sew by hand the magnificent dresses she made.

Movie Time

Bring a filmed version of this book to class and have a movie day. Provide popcorn and candy to make it more like a theater. Have the students write about or discuss how the movie version compares to the book.

Cat's Cradle

Purvis plays cat's cradle with...

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