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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time of year is it when the war ends?
(a) Springtime
(b) Winter
(c) Late Fall
(d) Summer

2. Who was not permitted to enter Dresden after the bombing?
(a) German soldiers
(b) American prisoners of war
(c) German citizens
(d) Russian soldiers

3. What, according to Paul Lazzaro, is the sweetest thing on Earth?
(a) Family
(b) Sex
(c) Revenge
(d) Vanilla Ice Cream

4. What does Vonnegut compare Dresden to after it has been bombed?
(a) A forest fire
(b) The crater of a volcano
(c) A huge parking lot
(d) The surface of the Moon

5. Why did the Germans who survived the bombing flee from Dresden?
(a) There was no food left in the city to eat.
(b) There was no supply of water in the city.
(c) They were afraid the Allies would bomb it again.
(d) They were afraid of the invading Russians.

Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to being Rumfoord's fifth wife, Lily is also. . .

2. What present does Billy give his wife at their eighteenth wedding anniversary?

3. What does Campbell offer the prisoners if they join the Nazis?

4. Professor Rumfoord is said to resemble. . .

5. What is the English translation of "Schlachthof-Funf?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Billy travel to New York?

2. Why was the Polish Farm laborer hung in Dresden?

3. What does Montana Wildhack wear around her neck?

4. How does Billy's wife, Valencia, die?

5. What is remarkable about Billy while he sleeps in the back of the coffin-shaped wagon in Dresden?

6. What does Howard J. Campbell wear?

7. Why is Kilgore Trout shadowing Billy at the anniversary party?

8. What do the guards realize after they take the American prisoners back to the slaughterhouse?

9. Why is Dresden so dark at night?

10. How does he explain the symbolism of his armband?

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