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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Billy work while he is in Dresden?
(a) In a kitchen
(b) In a railroad station
(c) In a library
(d) In a factory

2. What do the American prisoners find at the railroad station?
(a) The American army advancing
(b) More prisoners coming into camp
(c) The hobo's body in the weeds
(d) Several people from the nearby town

3. What distracts Billy from Campbell's talk?
(a) Heartburn
(b) Sleepiness
(c) Explosions
(d) Edgar Derby

4. According to this book, by the late nineteen seventies, the United States of America has been. . .
(a) divided into 20 smaller countries.
(b) conquered by the Chinese.
(c) turned into a huge shopping mall.
(d) declared the last super power.

5. Why does Billy return to Dresden after the war ends?
(a) To find the body of Edgar Derby
(b) To take a picture of his old home
(c) To look for souvenirs
(d) To look for survivors

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was in the camp hospital with Billy when he woke up?

2. How many novels has Kilgore Trout written?

3. In addition to being Rumfoord's fifth wife, Lily is also. . .

4. Why did Billy, Paul, and Edgar have to go to the theater from the hospital?

5. Who becomes the Head American?

Short Essay Questions

1. What finally happened to Edgar Derby?

2. Why were there so many girls at the slaughterhouse?

3. Why were the German guards in Dresden relieved when they saw the American prisoners of war?

4. What does Bernard's article about human population reveal about life?

5. Why does Billy become confused when the skiers arrive to rescue him after the plane crash?

6. What does Montana Wildhack wear around her neck?

7. What does Howard J. Campbell wear?

8. What is remarkable about Billy while he sleeps in the back of the coffin-shaped wagon in Dresden?

9. Why, according to the author, is Edgar Derby's speech so remarkable during war?

10. How did Tobruk's death change the procedure for recovering corpses?

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