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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What injury does Billy suffer from the airplane crash?
(a) He has only cuts and scratches.
(b) He has broken his leg.
(c) He has a fractured skull.
(d) He has broken four ribs.

2. What does the barbershop quartet at the anniversary party remind Billy of?
(a) The pallbearers at the funeral for is father
(b) The four guards who survived the bombing in Dresden
(c) The barbershop quartet who died in the airplane crash
(d) The ushers at his wedding eighteen years earlier

3. Who guards Billy and Edgar Derby as they work in the slaughterhouse?
(a) Paul Lazzaro
(b) A sixteen-year-old boy
(c) Two blonde German soldiers
(d) An old man with one leg

4. What do the American prisoners find at the railroad station?
(a) Several people from the nearby town
(b) The hobo's body in the weeds
(c) The American army advancing
(d) More prisoners coming into camp

5. What does Vonnegut imagine doing as he flies over the East German cities?
(a) Talking to the people below
(b) Dropping bombs on them
(c) Taking a space ship to another planet
(d) Having a few beers later on

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Campbell offer the prisoners if they join the Nazis?

2. What response does Campbell get from most of the prisoners?

3. What does Billy do after getting to the hospital after the plane crash?

4. Who finds Billy after the airplane crash?

5. Who used to live in the room where Billy stays?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the guards realize after they take the American prisoners back to the slaughterhouse?

2. What did Paul Lazzaro do to the dog that bit him?

3. What is echolalia?

4. What does the phrase "so it goes" mean?

5. Why, according to the author, is Edgar Derby's speech so remarkable during war?

6. How does Billy Pilgrim die?

7. Why does Billy travel to New York?

8. What story does Billy Pilgrim tell Montana when she begs him for one?

9. Why is Kilgore Trout shadowing Billy at the anniversary party?

10. How did Tobruk's death change the procedure for recovering corpses?

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