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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the Englishman say that Dresden would never be bombed?
(a) Because it was a neutral city
(b) Because it had no war industries
(c) Because the prisoners of war were there
(d) Because it was too far from the border

2. Who is Billy's digging partner?
(a) An English officer from the camp
(b) Kurt Vonnegut
(c) A Russian prisoner named Dmitri
(d) A Maori prisoner named Tobruk

3. In addition to being Rumfoord's fifth wife, Lily is also. . .
(a) one of his former students
(b) related to Billy Pilgrim
(c) a former go-go dancer
(d) an Air Force officer

4. What decision does Billy come to while he is in the hospital after surgery?
(a) Never to get into another airplane
(b) To protest the Vietnam War
(c) To tell the world about Tralfamadore
(d) Never to get married again

5. Why does the Head Englishman envy the Americans?
(a) They are young and will forget war sooner.
(b) The German guards like the Americans better.
(c) They are going to be exchanged soon and go home.
(d) They are moving out from the camp to Dresden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these was not the subject of a book by Kilgore Trout?

2. What response does Campbell get from most of the prisoners?

3. What is the English translation of "Schlachthof-Funf?"

4. How does Billy start telling people about Tralfamadore?

5. Who guards Billy and Edgar Derby as they work in the slaughterhouse?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Dresden so dark at night?

2. How does Billy's wife, Valencia, die?

3. What does Howard J. Campbell wear?

4. Why, according to the author, is Edgar Derby's speech so remarkable during war?

5. Why were there so many girls at the slaughterhouse?

6. What advice does Paul Lazzaro give to Billy Pilgrim?

7. What finally happened to Edgar Derby?

8. Why do people think Billy is brain damaged after his surgery?

9. What did Billy Pilgrim ultimately learn from the Tralfamadorans?

10. Why does Billy travel to New York?

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